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You Don’t Have To Be The Biggest Loser


The chances are good that if you have not watched the television show, The Biggest Loser, that you have at least heard about it and know what it is all about. Most people who are familiar with the show are either currently working on their own weight issues or they have had to go through dieting on some level. Some even watch the show to give them added motivation to break through the weight loss and gain cycle and finally see the pounds shedding.

There is a lot of motivation to be had when you are able to see the numbers counting down each week for the weight that people are losing. Through watching the show as well as any other type of weight loss program, you are also going to find that men seem to lose a lot more weight a lot faster than women do.

What you need to know about shows like The Biggest Loser is that the secret to weight loss on a healthy level is not Jillian Michaels or any of the coaches yelling at you to try to motivate you. Instead, you need to learn about a hormone within the body along with will power and good choices that will keep you losing the weight steadily. When you pair that with a proper exercise plan, you are going to see a great difference in the weight that you are able to lose.

It would be lovely if there was some sort of a switch that you could use that will help you to kick the hormones into gear and make them work for you.


Weight Loss For Women

Weight Loss For Women – Losing Weight Successfully And Keeping It Off!


How often have you gone through a cycle of launching a weight loss for women diet along with a male figure in your life? This could be your spouse, best friend, coworker or even a sibling. What will usually happen is the male will end up losing their fat rather rapidly and with very little effort on their part. All the while, you are left feeling as though you are fighting to lose even a couple of pounds each week. In addition to that, you will more than likely hit a few plateaus along the way that will lead to a lot of frustration and even the feeling like you want to give up.

What you need to know is that it is a simple truth that a lot of women will have trouble losing weight simply because they are trying to attack dieting the same way that men do instead of following one of the healthy weight loss for women diets. Weight loss is certainly something that is different for everyone, especially males and females. The last thing that you will want is for desperation to set in as you could end up falling off of your goals and neglecting to lose the weight that you so badly want to get rid of.

Fad diets such as consuming nothing but cabbage soup, packing on meats and cutting out carbs, wiping out everything but one food group or even starving yourself is going to do nothing for you. The truth is that in order to lose weight like other successful women have done in the past, you need to learn more about how the female body works.


Weight Loss Diet Plan For Woman

Weight Loss Diet Plan For Women – What Is The Venus Factor Diet Plan All About?


First, I want to point out what the Venus Factor is not. It is not a fad diet that some celebrity or gym junkie came up with, it’s a diet designed by a scientist based on real scientific studies. It is not restrictive in the kinds of food you can eat so you won’t get crazy cravings. It’s not difficult, all the hard works been done; nutrition, diet, exercise, it’s all laid out for you. The Venus Factor is a weight loss diet plan for women. There are many other weight loss plans out there targeted to sell to women, but their method is not designed for women. The Venus Factor is a lot of stuff I’ve tried in other diets here and there but it’s recalibrated and tailored to how the female body works because our bodies are designed for completely different tasks than men, so why shouldn’t our weight loss methods be different also. So what is the Venus Factor about then?

Leptin – What It All Comes Down To

Leptin is in the bodies of both men and women and it plays many roles in how our bodies function, one of these roles is as a signal for when our body should switch from fat storing mode to fat burning mode. So how do males versus females come into this? Well both men and women have leptin but women are less sensitive to leptin. However, women can increase their sensitivity to leptin so that we can lose weight easily like men too; we just have to do it the female way and that is what the Venus Factor has worked out.


Leptin Resistance

What Is Leptin Resistance And How To Treat This Condition


Leptin, also known as the satiety hormone, is produced by fat cells to regulate the sensation of hunger as well as the amount of energy used by the body. In other words, leptin is released to indicate that food has been consumed and that energy is available. Leptin resistance is a condition that causes the brain to not register the presence of leptin in the system. This condition has been observed in overweight and obese patients and seems to make appetite and portion control more difficult. The cause of this condition is not well-understood but it is probable that leptin resistance occurs when the hormone cannot reach the right receptors or when the receptors are not functioning properly.

What Are The Symptoms Of Leptin Resistance?

The symptoms associated with leptin resistance are very similar to the ones experience by patients who suffer from insulin resistance. These symptoms include fluctuating energy levels, cravings for foods rich in carbs such as bread, pasta or baked goods and the inability to lose weight. Typically, a patient who suffers from leptin resistance will turn to foods rich in carbs whenever their energy level becomes low instead of burning existing fat reserves.

Is It Possible To Treat Leptin Resistance?

Leptin resistance should be properly diagnosed by a professional since the symptoms are very similar to insulin resistance. If leptin resistance is diagnosed, it is important to take steps towards treating this condition. When left untreated, leptin resistance can cause weight gain and lead to complications such as diabetes or obesity. The best way to treat leptin resistance is to adopt a healthier lifestyle,


Best Weight Loss Tips For Women


Losing weight doesn’t have to be hard at all when you follow some basic principles. That’s why we put together the following weight loss tips for women which do work and they will help you getting started with your weight loss journey. Try to follow and integrate them in to your daily live and soon you’ll see the pounds dropping off.

1. Build Lean Muscle!

Women often do not realize how important building muscle mass is to their weight loss efforts. They frequently worry about gaining bulky or bulging muscles.

The truth is that you can build lean muscle mass without putting on bulk by limiting yourself to light dumbbells and isometric exercises like Pilates and yoga. This will not only accelerate your efforts to shed the excess pounds, but in time will make you look even slimmer.

Muscles force the body to burn a lot of calories and fat in order to be maintained. The more muscle you have, the more fat you will lose without doing any extra work. Beyond this, having a good amount of lean muscle mass will make it easier to keep the weight off once it is gone.

2. Get Sleep

Sleep and weight loss go hand-in-hand for a variety of reasons. When we sleep our bodies repair and recharge. This reduces stress and fatigue which helps to limit the production of stress hormones which cause the body to store fat. A good nights sleep will also boost our metabolism and create mental clarity which helps us make good decisions throughout the day.


Weight Loss Diet Plan For Woman

5 Healthy Eating Tips For Losing Weight In 3 Weeks


Every time I thought about losing weight in 3 weeks and a fad diet was advertised on the television I would be the first one to grab it. I tried and tested at least a dozen of those fad diets and found one thing in common; they prophesied an unusual diet plan, literally starving me and totally against my body and Mother Nature. Once I stopped using the diet restrictions I would gain more pounds and look flabby. But the good news is that I learned a lot from these diets – how not to do what they were doing.

Here Are 5 Healthy Eating Tips For Losing Weight In 3 Weeks And Never Starving or Craving For Food

Avoid Over Eating:

Eat Nutrient rich foods and avoid over eating. Do not load your plate with junk and stuff your throat with big mouthfuls. Have small portions of food and eat them at intervals probably every 2-3 hours. Do not avoid whole food groups like carbohydrates to lose weight. Include all nutrients in small quantities both macro nutrients (protein, carbs, fats) and micro nutrients (vitamins, minerals, etc.). Most people eat only macro nutrients and all the fad diets are only about this, which is not going to satisfy your hunger. You need to eat micro nutrients as well to satisfy your hunger and craving. When you eat more of this you will naturally stop over eating. Eat more of vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds which are high in vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Drink Plenty of Water:

What better way than to hydrate your body with water rather than aerated drinks or coffee.


Losing Weight After 40

13 Surefire Pillars For Losing Weight After 40 & Keeping It Off


Dieting sucks. Right? Especially when you want to start losing weight after 40. I mean, does ANYONE think dieting is fun? No one I’ve ever met. This is mainly because when you talk about dieting people hear ‘starvation’ and ‘deprivation’ and not being able to eat food that tastes good… EVER AGAIN! That sure can’t be fun!

But dieting doesn’t have to be that way. I’m not going to lie to you and say you can eat whatever you want whenever you want and as much as you want. Let’s face it, if any diet or fitness ‘guru’ promises you that, run fast and run fast. It’s a SCAM!

How do I know that? I know it from my own experience. I have tried different diets too. Some of them worked and some haven’t, but with all of them it was the same. As soon as I stopped the diet, I gained weight again. I realized, that instead of ‘going on a diet’, I need to restructure my lifestyle. Lifestyle changes last longer than diet plans because they fundamentally change what you eat and how you view your health and nutrition.

With a little discipline and some lifestyle changes, losing weight after 40 does not have to mean starvation or bad food for the rest of your life. You can eat your favorites. The key is understanding there’s a time and place within your overall nutrition program. Get it right and you really can lose weight without thinking you’ll never again bite into a tasty Big Mac or your favorite candy bar.

There are two big reasons that most dieters fail and something like 95% of people who lose weight gain it all back and more.