The Half Day Diet Plan Review

The Half Day Diet Plan Review – Can You Really Lose Weight Eating Carbs?


Hey, Daniel here,

and welcome to my uncensored Half Day Diet Plan user review, the new weight loss diet plan for women & men created by Nate Miyaki. Here you will discover all the facts and insights about this diet plan, how it works and most importantly if it will work for you too.

So let’s dive in to it.

What Is The Half Day Diet Plan All About?

The Half Day Diet is more than just a normal weight loss diet plan. It’s the culmination of over 15 years of researching, testing, assessing, and constantly refining in order to find what works in the real world – not just for the genetically elite, but also for an average person.

Based on the books name you might think that you can lose weight by only dieting half the day. But that’s not really how it works. It’s more about eating a low-carb diet half of your day and enjoying all the carb-rich food you love at night while you still want to remain on your daily calorie amount.

To summarize it:

Eat the right type of real food at the right time of the day

based on your body’s need.

How Does It Work?

This weight loss diet plan is based on 3 main pillars.

Pillar #1 is about Macro-Optimization, which means that you have to optimize the 3 macros for your needs. And these are protein, fats and carbs. This isn’t very difficult to figure out. Nate included many different macronutrient templates to choose from.


Venus Factor Review Image

Venus Factor Review – Does John Barban’s Program Really Work?


Hi, Daniel here and welcome to my uncensored Venus Factor review where you’ll discover all the facts, pros and cons about John Barban’s weight loss diet program for women.

There are countless other diet fads, diet pills, workout and weight loss diet programs for women out there. All of them promise that you’ll lose your extra pounds fast, when you follow them. Many of them require you to eat only certain types of food or replace meals with pills or any other supplements. They might help you to shed off some pounds as long as you starve your self or remain on their plan.

However, as soon as you stop taking pills, other supplements or going back to your normal eating habits, then you will most likely gain the weight you lost back.

To be able to lose weight and successfully keep it off, you need to be aware, that you have to adjust your lifestyle and teach your brain a healthy eating habit. Plus you’ll need to do some kind of exercises to get the best results possible.

This is where the Venus Factor diet will help you.

What Is The Venus Factor Diet Plan For Women All About?

In short: this program is more than just a diet plan. It’s a complete lifestyle changer. Plus with this healthy diet and workout plan for women you don’t have to starve your self to be able to lose weight and get in shape.

The Venus Factor is a complete 12-week weight loss and body re-shaping system, especially designed for women.


Fit Over 50 Training System Review

50 Fit Review – Can Fred W. Schafer Show You How To Reshape Your Body In 28 Days?


If you’re over 40, then the thought has already crossed your mind…

You’re not sure if the workouts everyone is talking about… the tabatas, the high intensity intervals, the “risky” moves that have you throwing weights overhead and bouncing around like a circus acrobat are right for you. Right?

After all, aren’t all these workouts created by people who are at least a decade younger then you?

Well… the truth is… YES!

You MUST follow on an intelligently designed resistance training program!

This program can be simple and can be done using some free weights, bodyweight training or a little of both. And…

If you are over 40 or have injuries, it doesn’t have to be crazy fancy (AKA risky) exercises. Instead it can be slow movements, practiced with medium intensity so you can still get great results without compromising your safety.

What’s important is that you do something, you do it consistently and over time you focus on getting a little stronger each month. When you do this… You’ll stay strong and lean no matter how old you are! Now let’s look at the 50 Fit program, which has been created for those over the age of 50.

What Exactly Is The 50 Fit Training System All About?

Fit over 50 is NOT another weight loss or diet program. It is also NOT another “quick fix” solution to all of your health and wellness issues. The 50 Fit training program is a complete fitness, health and wellness lifestyle system designed for people over the age of 50.


Old School New Body F4X Training System

Old School New Body F4X Training System Review – Is It The Real Deal?


Warning: If you love to spend several hours every day on weight training, than this is definitely not for you and you can skip my honest Old School New Body Review.

But if you would like to find out if this top selling and much talked about bodyshaping system is actually going to work for you, than my uncut review will be what you have been looking for. However, if you want to visit the Old School New Body’s official website, then click here.

I bought the Old School New Body F4X program myself, tested it and I’m still using it and I really LOVE it!

If you want to get the program your self, than you should go through my review. You’ll get all the info you need to know from a guy who is actually doing those workouts to lose weight, burn fat, shape up the body and to build lean muscle.

I won’t go through my story. You can read more on my About Me page if you like. I’m also not a big fan of writing an introduction or selling you on the program, since you’re most likely here to learn more about it. With that being said, let’s get started to look at it immediately.

What Exactly Is the Old School New Body F4X Training System All About?

This system is all about weight lifting training. It has its own unique way to perform all those weight lifting exercises. What I like most about it is, that it includes exercises for all levels and all age groups.


The Paleo Recipe Book

A Review of Sébastien Noël’s Paleo Recipe Book – Why Would You Want to Have it?


In this short Paleo Recipe Book Review you will find the info you where looking for about one of the best recipe books in this niche and why I think it’s one of the best.

If you do any kind of exercises like bodyweight workout or following another strength training such as the one from the Old School New Body program, then you are already on a good way for a healthy lifestyle. However, this is only one part. If you might already know, exercising isn’t the only thing you should do, especially if you want to lose or keep your weight. Nutrition is extremely important for that as well. If you want to lose weight, than dieting is even more important than exercising. There is a general rule, which says that exercising is only 20% and dieting is 80% of a successful weight loss journey.

A recipe book, such as the paleo recipe book will help you with healthy dieting and it combines very well with any exercises you do. With that being said, let’s look what the book is all about.

Basic Information About Sébastien’s Paleo Recipe Book

It is an item you will love particularly if you are the type of person who takes health matters seriously, including strictly following a diet. This book is also a good addition to your collection if you want to live a healthy life.

Based from the Paleo diet, the book is designed to offer recipes that use poultry, fish, red meat, vegetables, eggs and fruits. Don’t be surprised if you cannot find any recipe that uses dairy and other bad fats,


E-Factor Diet Review

The E-Factor Diet Review – Does It Really Work?


Hey, Daniel here,

and you’re reading my uncensored e-factor diet user review. You’ll discover all the insights about this diet, and how the efactor diet works. But most importantly, you’ll also discover if that diet really works for you.

Losing weight can be a really hard task. Especially when you get older. I can tell you this from my own experience. When I was in my 20’s, It was much easier to eat what I wanted without gaining any weight. After I passed the age of around 35 the same food I was eating when I was in my 20’s made me fat. I really gained a lot of weight (around 30 pounds) and had a hard time losing that again.

However I was able to lose 30 pounds in 2 month and could keep it off. Honestly, I didn’t lose all of that weight because I was following the e-factor diet. When I started losing weight, this diet didn’t exist. I lost most of the weight after I have done my own research. I started drinking a lot of water. I was eating high protein, low carb food and did workout 3 times a week.

The e-factor diet helped me to lose the last 10 pounds from my 30 pounds I lost. Now that I know what to eat and when to eat the different kind of food, it’s easier for me to keep that weight off. And most importantly, I can eat what I enjoy and don’t have to count every calorie. And I can tell you, it makes so much more fun, when you know what you can eat,