Bodyweight Training

Bodyweight Workout: The Best Training To Build A Lean Body


Despite the fact that there is an incredible amount of fitness information available from magazines to books to videos, not to mention the internet with blogs, You Tube, podcasts and more, it seems that more and more people have forgotten about the old good bodyweight training workout and are getting fatter and unhealthier.

Unfortunately, a lot of the information is wrong or just so extreme that the average person can’t possibly follow the programs or nutrition advice on a daily basis. We all have lives to lead and most of us don’t make a living as a professional athlete who can do these complicated routines every day.

But don’t worry, there is hope. All you have to do is go back to the basics. Not everything new is better. Sometimes, what was done in the past is more effective, it’s just been forgotten. Below, you are going to find quality, simple to use information on how you can build a lean, strong, fit physique without spending your life in the gym or getting a PhD to figure out how to do the training programs or follow a diet.

Let’s get started!

Simple Bodyweight Workouts for Fat-Burning, Muscle Building and Toning

Bodyweight workout as well as strength training with either free weights or also your own body weight can torch calories and fat for up to 24 hours after your workout is over. Combining strength training with cardiovascular benefits, you maximize the efficiency of your efforts. You get the most rewards with the least amount of time spent exercising.

The following 5 simple bodyweight exercises are great for beginner and advanced fitness levels.


Getting Fit Over 40

Getting Fit Over 40 – Easy To Follow Fitness Plan


Losing weight after 40 was a much harder task for me than it was with 20 and i’m sure it won’t be any different for you. You’ve probably heard phrases like ‘twenty is the new forty’, right? Well, yes and no. It’s true that with scientific advances in health, nutrition and exercise, you can look, feel and be better at forty than ever before! People are living not just longer lives, but healthier, fitter more active lives as well. A good health, fitness and diet program plays a big role in that.

However, that doesn’t mean that a forty year old can, or even should, train exactly the same way that a twenty year old would train. This doesn’t mean you can’t workout hard at or after 40, or do a lot of the same exercises and routines you might have done when you were twenty. It also doesn’t mean you can’t get into better shape than you were in ten, fifteen, twenty years ago. But for most of us, getting incredibly fit at forty years old will require some different strategies and techniques than getting fit at twenty.

Getting fit over 40 is a little different than it was when you were 20 and what you might have done then, doesn’t mean that it will work now..

Let’s take a look at how to get fit after 40 and how you can get in shape. Below are some simple ideas you can put into your health and fitness program to set yourself up for big time success so you start getting carded at the liquor store and you can enjoy the expression on the cashier’s face when they see that you’re forty-four!


Building Lean Muscle

An Effective Workout That Shreds Body Fat WHILE Building Lean Muscle


A diet conducive to weight loss is a staple component in getting a lean, ripped physique.

But equally as important as a diet plan is the workout plan.

This is where most people drop the ball. If you want to obtain certain results, you need to train in a way that will achieve those results.

The problem is that most people don’t understand the mechanics of a workout program. They see a workout routine in a magazine and try it out for a week or so, then skip a day and quit. That, or they see a routine they think sounds better and decide to try THAT one out, regardless of the fact that they haven’t given the former one enough time to see results from it.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? People do the same thing with diet programs!

Instead of jumping from one workout program to another, if most people took the time to learn the mechanics of how to workout to achieve certain results, their efforts would be 10X more effective.

In this article, I’m going to share a strategy you can use when you’re working out to get ripped while building lean muscle. Once you understand WHY you’re lifting this way, you can adapt any program to it and maximize your workout time time.

The Basics:

Rule #1: Lift in a Way That Burns Calories

One of the most effective weight-training routines is a circuit-based training. This is where you move from one exercise to another with little or no rest between each one,


Lean Body

Build A Lean Body With Bodyweight Training


Bodyweight training is very underrated as a tool when it comes to building a long, lean, fit physique. We aren’t talking about old school calisthenics like back in gym class. This is far more than jumping jacks and stretching. With bodyweight exercises you can get lean, fit, strong and powerful while burning fat and even building lean, shapely muscle.

Bodyweight training provides you the ability to work out anywhere at anytime, no matter what. And you can do them without the need of any gym equipment.

Body weight training is real functional training, not silly stuff like trying to do the dumbbell bench press while balancing on a Swiss exercise ball (silly, ineffective and dangerous!).

If you don’t think you can get strong with bodyweight exercises, try doing a one handed push up in perfect form, arm in beside the body, feet together, slow and controlled. Or a true one legged squat, butt to the floor. Or how about a one handed handstand push up? Or a full range of motion super strict, one arm pull up? Yes, you can get really strong with just bodyweight workout! Most strong looking bodybuilders can’t do any of this. It’s a lot easier to lie on a bench and push up a barbell than it is to move your body through space on a one handed push up.

What about burning fat or bodyweight fitness and conditioning? Well, for starters you could try and hit a workout of 400 Hindu Squats and 200 Hindu Push Ups in as little time as possible. Or do the same with 100 burpees.


Bodyweight Workout Circuit Training

Creating Your Bodyweight Workout Circuit Training Program


When you are creating your own bodyweight circuit training program for the maximum fat and calorie burning, muscle strengthening and body toning benefits, remember the following points:

  • Warm up before you start.
  • Keep hydrated while you are working out.
  • Move from one exercise to the next without rest.
  • Increase repetitions as needed to keep your muscles working.
  • Never perform a bodyweight circuit that works the same muscle groups on consecutive days.

Bodyweight Exercise – You Are Your Own Gym Novice Circuit Training

The best way to create a bodyweight circuit training regimen that will stress your muscles and keep your heart rate elevated in the target zone is to practice them first. Perform lunges, burpees, sit-ups, push-ups and planks until you have the form down perfectly. Proper form delivers the biggest benefits, and limits injuries.

You also want to make sure that a bodyweight training circuit only involves 5 or 6 different exercises. When moving from one exercise to the next, try to alternate between muscle groups. Follow squats with pull-ups, burpees with dumbbell rows, etc.

Warming up was mentioned earlier, it bears repeating. Spend 5 minutes warming up your body and accelerating your heart rate. If you are just beginning to experience circuit training, listen to your body. You want to stress your muscles and keep your heart rate high, but do not overwork yourself.

Workout on alternate days only, because your muscles need time to repair. Ihe best tip on creating your own bodyweight circuit training program is to allow a professional to do it for you.


How To Breathe While Exercising

How To Breathe While Exercising


In this short article we are going to look at the importance of how to breathe while exercising.

The most important thing is that you just keep breathing! It sounds simple, but sometimes we get so caught up in the activity that we briefly forget, but failure to breathe makes exercising such as bodyweight workouts so much harder. That painful stitch in your side, for instance, is usually the result of not breathing enough; and, if you are short of breath, you will be tempted to stop your workout sooner than you should.

Opening up your lungs gets oxygen to your system which gets your circulation going. Your blood starts flowing to parts of your body that normally do not get much oxygenated blood. It was recently found that cardiovascular activity increases blood flow to the brain which stimulates the creation of new neurons, even in adults. Yes, that is right: cardio exercise makes you smarter! Constant breathing also helps create that wonderful sense of euphoria that is the reward of challenging physical activity. So, if you are just beginning, simply be conscious of how often you inhale and exhale, even if you are not doing it the way a trainer would recommend.

Remembering how to breathe while exercising should be a part of your pre-workout routine. Take a few moments to center yourself. Stand with your feet roughly shoulder length apart and balance your weight on the balls of your feet. Let your arms hang down from your sides, extending them slightly away from your body. Close your eyes and inhale deeply through your nose. Take about twice as long to exhale.


Fat-Burning Training

A Unique And Effective Way Of Fat-Burning


You don’t need cardio any more! Well, not exactly. However, with correct weights training and effective fat burning exercises, you can keep your six-pack stomach without running on that dull treadmill not as often.

It is not interval cardio what I am preaching.  However I can tell you if you follow this method of weight-training, you will get a result same as High Intensity Interval Training. It is called “F4X Method”. It involves moderate weight and high fatigue training. What makes it unique is you have short breaks between sets. In this way, you burn more fat and pump up. Let me tell you how you do it:

First, you need to choose a right weight for you. If you can get 15 reps with it, that is a right one for you. Then do 10 reps and rest 30 seconds, then do 10 reps again and rest. Repeat this for four sets. If you got 10 reps easily, you should increase the weight for the next workout. You may notice those sets are similar to intervals with short breaks. If you want to burn more calories, pace yourself between the sets.

Pathway for Fat-Burning

When you follow this training method, it promotes expansion of myofibrillar and sarcoplasmic and results with muscle growth. Moreover you get huge muscle burn. This pooling of lactic acid gives huge impact on your growth hormone release. Growth hormone (GH) is a powerful fat burner. If you want to whip your GH, get your muscle burn. Other anabolic hormones are increased by GH as well, so both muscle and mighty sinews get the effects.