The Three Exercises You Need To Start Doing Before Ski Season

Exercises For Skiing

Have you ever tried a sport like surfing or skiing that utilized very specific muscles?

If you have, then you probably remember how much pain you were in the very first time you hit the surf or the slopes.

If you are gearing up for ski season and want to avoid being confined to the bunny hill, then heed this warning – get in shape. Now, that’s not meant in a bad way. Rather, it’s meant so that you start working the necessary muscles to avoid getting injured.

Here’s three you can start doing today:

Box Jumps

This sounds just like it reads, you’ll be jumping up on to a box. If you can picture that in your head, then you’ll immediately see the correlation between that exercise and the type of movement you’ll be performing on your next downhill skiing adventure.

The movement is very simple. Once you find a box that is the proper height in proportion to yours, you are ready to go. You’ll start with your feet spread apart at shoulders length. Stand positioned with your arms and legs in a physical stance, as if you were running. Squat down stopping several inches from your backside becoming parallel to the floor.

Drive with your legs, swing your arms and jump up on to the box. When you land, do so in a soft manner. Think graceful and not as if you were coming off of a flip in the Olympics. Complete a few reps for several sets until you get to a comfortable point. Don’t overdo it at first.

Romanian Deadlift

Pick up a set of dumbbells or a barbell. The lighter the better to start off with until you find the right weight for yourself. You’ll be performing three to four sets for eight to ten reps. Stand straight up holding the weights, with a slight bend in your knees.

Next, you’ll bend forward, leaning forward and keeping your back straight (Don’t arch your back). Bend slowly until you start to feel tension in your hamstrings. You should be feeling this exercise more so in your hamstrings and less in your back. Once you feel that tension, return to a standing position and repeat. This exercise will help to prevent injuries in your legs.

Abdominal & Back Work

Due to the nature of skiing and the position you will find your body in as you ski, you’ll need to ensure that your core is as strong as possible. This means keeping your abdominal and back muscles in shape. For your abs, you can simply do some bent leg crunches, sit-ups or bicycles.

For your back, you can do back extensions on a machine or other piece of equipment that allows you to perform the back extension motion. Find a set and rep rate you are comfortable with to start off at. It’s important that you not overdo it your first few days completing these exercises. You know your body best, so find a range that is challenging, yet comfortable for you.

Ski season can be fun or one where you find yourself indoors, should you not prepare properly and get injured. Performing these exercises before the start of the next snowfall, will keep your body strong and ready to hit the slopes, but more importantly, will keep you off that bunny hill.

I recommend, that you go and check out the Old School New Body and Bodyweight Burn workout programs. These are the ones I do and I love them. They will get you in shape and ready for the slopes or any other activity you love.


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