A Unique And Effective Way Of Fat-Burning

Fat-Burning Training

You don’t need cardio any more! Well, not exactly. However, with correct weights training and effective fat burning exercises, you can keep your six-pack stomach without running on that dull treadmill not as often.

It is not interval cardio what I am preaching.  However I can tell you if you follow this method of weight-training, you will get a result same as High Intensity Interval Training. It is called “F4X Method”. It involves moderate weight and high fatigue training. What makes it unique is you have short breaks between sets. In this way, you burn more fat and pump up. Let me tell you how you do it:

First, you need to choose a right weight for you. If you can get 15 reps with it, that is a right one for you. Then do 10 reps and rest 30 seconds, then do 10 reps again and rest. Repeat this for four sets. If you got 10 reps easily, you should increase the weight for the next workout. You may notice those sets are similar to intervals with short breaks. If you want to burn more calories, pace yourself between the sets.

Pathway for Fat-Burning

When you follow this training method, it promotes expansion of myofibrillar and sarcoplasmic and results with muscle growth. Moreover you get huge muscle burn. This pooling of lactic acid gives huge impact on your growth hormone release. Growth hormone (GH) is a powerful fat burner. If you want to whip your GH, get your muscle burn. Other anabolic hormones are increased by GH as well, so both muscle and mighty sinews get the effects.

Effective Fat-Burning Exercise Tip

When you do the reps accurately, another thing you will get is myofibrillar trauma. The myofibrils are type of strands in muscle fiber which is generated by force. When they are “damaged” by slow and controlled negative strokes, they require extra energy while recovering. That means, your body gets hotter after you finished training since the microtears are getting repaired.

In order to obtain extra fat-burning trauma, when you do 10 reps, make it one-second positives and three-second negatives. When you do bench press, one second up and three seconds down. When you do slow lowering motion, metabolic momentum will be produced after the workout. This speed will provide you 40 seconds tension time which is perfect hypertrophic Time Under Tension.

Most Effective Fat-Burning Exercise Tip

If you are serious about getting blubber busting microtrauma, you can adopt X-centric style in your last set of F4X workout sequence. You do one-second positives and six-second negatives. You may need  to use lighter weight, still but it is worth trying. Just give it a go for eight sets. Tension time should be 56 seconds. The result will come to you the day after. You may feel sore, but that means you have done good fat burning exercises and your fat is burning.

F4X is ideal for GH surge. Slower negatives are fast fat burning exercises and X-centric under tension causes more fat extinction. Get lean faster without meanness (less carbo) is a way to go. Get ready for fabulous abs with acid-etching! Doesn’t matter how old you are because this method works for anyone for a long time. It is an alternative fountain of youth.

Train smart and stay young and fit for life.

Video: 5 Min Belly Fat DESTROYER – An Effective Fat Burning Exercise You Can Do at Home



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