7 Tough Bodyweight Exercises For Men To Master

Tough Bodyweight Exercises

Men find it easier to perform some bodyweight exercises than others. Men are created with more natural upper body strength than women, so many bodyweight movements which focus on the shoulders, chest, arms and back are mastered quickly by many men. But the following 7 bodyweight exercises are extremely challenging for men, which means they must be perfected for the ultimate body benefits.

The Back Walkover

You can find young female gymnasts between the ages of 6 and 16 that can perform this maneuver in their sleep. But it is very difficult for men. You have to have excellent balance and flexibility, as well as coordination and upper body strength. Kick one leg in front of you as you fall backwards, keeping your back straight. You push off of your arms as you continue the movement through 360°, returning to a standing position.

One Leg, One Arm Push-Up

This seriously impacts your abdominal and upper body areas, but also requires excellent balance and focus. This is a push-up using just one arm and the leg on the opposite side of your body.

The Human Flag

Imagine your body as a flag, flying from a vertical pole. This is exceptionally difficult for so many reasons. It looks absolutely incredible and appears to defy the laws of gravity. You grip a vertical pole with your hands, with your lower hand in a chin-up position, and your top hand in a pull-up position. You then push off of the ground, supporting your weight with your arms, upper body, chest, core, shoulders and back. Extremely difficult.

One Leg Jump Squat

This is a standard one leg squat that you explode out of. Single leg squats are difficult enough, because they require extreme balance, leg strength and focus. Add the fact that you have to jump up off of one foot when returning to the starting position, and this is even harder for men to master.

Hanging Knee To Elbow Touch

Hang from a pull-up or chin-up bar, with your arms slightly more than shoulder width apart. Pull up until your arms form a 90 degree angle at your elbows. Hold this position, slowly bringing both knees up to touch your right elbow. Drop your legs, and repeat with your left elbow. This requires extreme upper body strength, and squeezes your abs while you are engaging your back, shoulders, arms and chest.

One Arm Handstand

No explanation necessary to describe why this is so difficult. You are performing a handstand, on just one arm.

The Iron Cross

This requires incredible shoulder strength. You will most likely have to use gymnastic rings to perform this bodyweight exercise. But since very few men, or women for that matter, can come anywhere close to approximating this challenging bodyweight movement, it is probably a good thing that you do not have access to hanging gymnastic rings.

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