Yoga Burn (Her Yoga Secrets)

Yoga Burn Review – Is Zoe Bray-Cotton’s Yoga Program Worth It?


Welcome to my Yoga Burn System Review – a Yoga program created by Zoe Bray-Cotton. It’s also known as “Her Yoga Secrets” which is the same program.

What Is Yoga Burn (Her Yoga Secrets) All About?

Yoga Burn is a 12 week yoga system. It has been designed specifically for women to burn fat, lose weight and get energized. Yoga Burn is a physical and digital, fully downloadable body shaping program.

It is available at all times through any laptop computer, desktop computer or mobile device. What really makes the Yoga Burn program so effective and unique is its 3 phase strategic approach to healthy and natural weight loss by specifically addressing the challenges and needs that regular women face when they are trying to reshape their bodies, lose weight and feel confident. The unique 3-phase approach offered by Yoga Burn is called Dynamic Sequencing. Below you will be able to learn more about it.

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An Introduction To Zoe Bray-Cotton

The creator of this program is Zoe Bray-Cotton, a female fitness expert, certified personal trainer and certified yoga instructor. Zoe has experience teaching all styles and forms of Yoga for more than a decade in some of North America’s most renowned and well-known Yoga Studios and gyms. She has created the Yoga Burn program specifically for women.

How Yoga Burn Works

Dynamic Sequencing is the key to what makes the Yoga Burn program so successful. It is the Dynamic Sequencing approach that is used by the Yoga Burn program that teaches you how to perform every movement properly and then continues adapting and increasing the challenge right when your body begins getting use to the routine.


Relaxed Woman

Discover How Stress And Sleep Prevent Women From Losing Weight


Excessive stress and a lack of sleep will sabotage even the best efforts at fat loss. Millions of women who try to lose weight, often reach a point where no matter what they do; their efforts seem negligible and don’t bear fruit.

Featured Video: How to Meditate at Night – Lose Weight, Reduce Stress, Sleep Better

They have reached a plateau and they have no idea why. There is a limit as to how much you can clean up and cut your calories. You also can’t train like an Olympian just to lose a few pounds. It has to be easier… and it is.

One of the causes of weight gain is stress. Being stressed out all the time causes mental and physical conditions in the body that make it more prone to gaining weight. There is of course the issue of calorie consumption. However, if you have your calories under control and you are eating right, then you must get your stress under control.

When you are stressed out, your body secretes a hormone called cortisol from the adrenal glands. This hormone helps to regulate blood pressure and also provides the body with energy. Cortisol also stimulates the release of insulin and this has a direct effect on fat storage. Herein, lays the problem.

When you are overly stressed out, more cortisol is released and this will result in hunger cravings where you crave carbohydrates. Consuming food will see a spike in insulin levels and this will lead to fat storage.

So, cortisol indirectly makes you fat. It is imperative that you control your stress levels so that you can lose weight more effectively.


Strength Training For Women

Strength Training For Women: The Best Exercises Ever


When it comes to strength training for women, many fear they will lose their feminine shape by building too much muscle. However, this is just a factor that puts many women off and is in fact not at all true. The reason behind this is because women have less testosterone, which is needed to make this happen. Women who have engaged in and continue to carry out weight training are healthier and fitter. They also burn fat much faster than those who rely only on cardio classes. By carrying out such training and making it part of the daily fitness routine, women will always gain the various benefits.

Strength Training Exercises & Workouts For Women

Strength Training And Benefits

The biggest benefit of strength training is associated with the muscle you build, which allows you to burn fat long after completing the exercise. Even if you decide to go on a run, your morning will be burnt off late, but carrying out some squats with weights in the hands will ensure calories are burning for up to 24 hours after finishing the exercise. Strength training gives you the muscle you are working for and also lifts saggy areas; making you seem much leaner and younger. To put it in short form, a strong women not only looks brilliant, but also gets to find out the true benefits of such training that certainly goes beyond outward appearance. The truth is women require muscle. Whether the reason behind this is long-term health, everyday life, or physical appearance, muscle is the key to a healthy, happy, and maybe even longer life.


Back Excersises For Women

Discover The Best Back Exercises For Women For A Sexy, Toned Back


“Low cut dresses that elegantly drape along the skin and then almost fall away to expose the back” – This statement conjures images of celebrities on red carpets looking over their shoulders, smiling at the camera. Tight, toned skin exposed. But it’s not just celebrities; you’ve probably seen other women wear clothes with similar cuts too. So how do you look your best when you go backless? With back exercises for women; that is, exercises specially designed for us ladies.

Sexy Back Workouts For Women

When working on the back its important to keep it balanced, so you want to do lower back exercises for women, to make sure your back is strong and supportive. Exercises like back extensions, supermans and even yoga moves like cobra and child’s pose are great for this. It’s important to have a strong lower back because it gives you better posture; it is also one of the most commonly injured areas from simple day-to-day movements like lifting things off the ground.

You’ll also want to do upper back exercises for women, for a strong upper body. Exercises like weighted rows are great and there are many variations; wide, hammer, inverted and so on. Flys are similar but the arms go wide and the hands move as far away from each other as possible. Some people have trouble with knowing if they are doing these rights. But all you need to know for both rows and flys is to try and touch your shoulder blades together as you complete each movement. That definitely makes it simpler.

And don’t forget about overall back exercises too,


Arm Workouts For Women

The Best Arm Workouts For Women To Lose Arm Fat


Discover good and easy to follow arm workouts for women you can easily do at home without much equipment.

We all want to look slimmer, more toned, but an area many of us ladies can forget about while we’re looking down at our stomach is our arms. Until the weather warms up and we want to wear tank tops and singlets and strong, toned arms are all we think about. But if you work in a climate controlled office, go to restaurants, friends houses, in the car, inside, in the climate control constantly, then your arms are constantly on show so why not do some specially designed arm workouts for women so you’ve got that fit look all year round, plus you’ll be able to lift heavier things like the shopping bags, or your kids, much easier.

Total Arm Workouts For Women

There really are so many exercises one can do to work the arms, and additionally many of the best arm workouts for women will also work the surrounding muscles too like flys, which also work to strengthen the upper back and presses which increase strength in the shoulders. Other good arm workouts for women will target specific muscles like triceps extensions and dips to work the back of the arms or bicep curls to work the front of the arms.

When you’re just beginning you’ll probably start with modified, easier versions of many exercises, like push-ups on the knees or the exercise movements with no weights. But as your strength increases you can then move onto arm workouts for women with weights, eventually working your way up to full body weight on some exercises such as push ups on your toes.


Leg Workouts For Women

The Best Leg Workouts For Women For Sexy Legs


What goes around comes around and fashion is no different. The roaring twenties, the hippy seventies and today, what do they all have in common? Short skirts, short dresses and short shorts. Who doesn’t want to put on a pair of those trendy denim cut-offs that just keep coming back year after year and then actually be able to look at yourself in the mirror and see long toned legs, “legs for days”, or a nice set of pins. In summer everything is so easy and casual. It’s warm, you just want to get out there and take advantage of each and every day and to put on a pair of shorts in summer and walk out the door is the most effortless fashion statement possible. But to look good in those shorts you want to make sure you are doing specially designed leg workouts for women.

The Best Leg Workouts For Women

So what are the best leg workouts for women? You really want a variety of exercises that are going to tone the muscle for good shape and even thighs and calves as well as burn off the fat which will help you see that tone below the fat. Probably the squat is the exercise you thought of first and these are great. You can do them normally to work the top of the legs or wider to work the back of the leg and even the bum.

So now you know how to work the top and back, don’t forget about the sides. To do this you want exercises that lift the leg using the thigh but incorporate side-to-side movements or a combination if you want to work every side of the thigh all at once.


Ab Workouts For Women

Ab Workouts For Women: 5 Easy To Follow Exercise Videos


Did you know that ab workouts for women differ from those for men, or has it come as a surprise to you? The main reason behind this is because men usually want bulky six-pack ab muscles, whereas women wish for a flatter stomach and those firm and sexy abs. This explains why the workouts are different, as both wish to achieve contrasting results. Discover the different ab workouts for women and be sure to have a try and get one step closer to obtaining a flatter stomach with those sexy abs!

Get A Flat Stomach With These Ab Exercises For Women

Standard Sit Up

The typical ab workout for women is the standard sit up. This is ever so easy and requires no further explanation. However, this workout is somewhat useless for getting six pack abs. When obtaining only the standard six-pack, it is important that you know this only works the middle abdominal muscles and not the oblique. However, it’s the firm oblique muscles you ladies want so the best advice would be to ignore the standard sit up workout. There are many good ab workouts for women who wish to develop a wonderful midsection and strengthen their abdominal muscles. There are certain ab exercises for women that are specifically designed to acquire definition and tightness for a woman’s body. Best ab workouts for women include:

  • Bicycle crunches
  • Hanging knee raise sprinting
  • Decline crunch
  • Fitness ball crunches

The bicycle crunches exercise is the most effective of abs workout for women. It works both the lower and upper abdominals and is the form of exercise that tenses the abdominal muscles the most.



Secrets Of Meal Timing And Frequency For Fat Loss


There are many weight loss articles and fitness trainers who will tell you that you should eat six small meals a day instead of 3 larger meals. Some will say that the timing matters. Others will say that carbs should only be consumed in the morning. So whom do we believe?

With so many contradictions in the weight loss industry, the normal woman will feel like she is running in circles just because she doesn’t know who to listen to. Everybody is busier trying to prove their own theories and facts as gospel.

The truth is that weight loss varies from individual to individual. What works for one person may not work for another. This is not a one size fits all solution. You will need to find out what works for you and it will require a certain degree of trial and error.

No need to panic. It’s not difficult.

Like Leonardo da Vinci said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. We will aim to be simple. That is one of the biggest secrets of weight loss. To stay true to the simple concepts.

The first one is that you must be in a state of caloric deficit. It truly doesn’t matter if you eat 3 large meals or 27 small meals. As long as you are in a caloric deficit, you will lose weight. The purists will argue that larger meals cause insulin spikes and this will lead to weight gain.

No, it won’t. Your body can’t gain weight if it is on a caloric deficit. There is the issue of metabolic rate now.


Woman Weight Loss Mistakes

4 Common Weight Loss Mistakes That Women Make


Many women start out strong when they wish to lose weight. However, with time they give up. Why? The answer is that they do not see results fast enough. In most cases, women sabotage themselves without even realizing it.

The 4 Common Eeight Loss Mistakes Are…

  • Not including resistance training as part of their training regimen
  • Not staying at a caloric deficit
  • Letting one small slip up affect them
  • Not defining their why

Not Including Resistance Training As Part Of Their Training Regimen

Resistance training is one of the best methods to lose weight. Most women balk at the idea of going to the gym and lifting weights. They automatically assume that the weights will make them big and manly and no woman wants that.

This is a fallacy. Most women will never become big or bulky. Men themselves have problems getting big and muscular. A woman who has much less testosterone will not see huge muscles popping up all over her body.

Weight training will boost your metabolism. Your muscles will be lean and toned. You will burn the fat and gain some lean muscle mass. So, overall, not only will you become smaller in size but you’ll also get stronger too. The extra muscle will burn more calories and make it easier for you to keep off the weight.

A full body workout which involves deadlifts, snatches, squats, etc. will create a situation in your body known as excess post oxygen consumption. That just means you will be burning calories and fat for hours after you work out.


Weight Loss Tips For Women

Weight Loss Tips For Women: Are You Sabotaging Yourself?


Out of all the mistakes that women make when trying to lose weight, here are some of the most common ones. Just avoiding these mistakes will put you in good state. There is so much bad advice regarding weight loss that it is normal to feel discombobulated after doing an hour of research online.

Information overload and most of it is contradictory. Just bear in mind that if you follow the tips listed below and our list of the best weight loss tips for women, you absolutely will lose weight. Make no mistake about it. Are you ready? Good. Read on.

1. You MUST know your calorie maintenance number and aim to be at a deficit of about 300-500 calories a day. Most women never find out what their number is. You can find out your number at

2. Never ever try and cut too many calories too soon. You will not speed up your fat loss. Instead, you will slow it down because your body goes into starvation mode and holds on to its fat stores desperately.

3. Never underestimate the damage a single cookie can do. Actually, it doesn’t have to be a cookie. That is just a symbol that applies to any food you crave but know that you’re not supposed to eat.

An hour long moderate workout may burn about 300 to 400 calories. One slice of pizza and a coke may contain more calories than what you struggled to burn for an hour. So, just giving in to temptation may mean that your effort was just cancelled out.