What Is Leptin Resistance And How To Treat This Condition

Leptin, also known as the satiety hormone, is produced by fat cells to regulate the sensation of hunger as well as the amount of energy used by the body. In other words, leptin is released to indicate that food has been consumed and that energy is available. Leptin resistance is a condition that causes the brain to not register the presence of leptin in the system. This condition has been observed in overweight and obese patients and seems to make appetite and portion control more difficult. The cause of this condition is not well-understood but it is probable that leptin resistance occurs when the hormone cannot reach the right receptors or when the receptors are not functioning properly.

What Are The Symptoms Of Leptin Resistance?

The symptoms associated with leptin resistance are very similar to the ones experience by patients who suffer from insulin resistance. These symptoms include fluctuating energy levels, cravings for foods rich in carbs such as bread, pasta or baked goods and the inability to lose weight. Typically, a patient who suffers from leptin resistance will turn to foods rich in carbs whenever their energy level becomes low instead of burning existing fat reserves.

Is It Possible To Treat Leptin Resistance?

Leptin resistance should be properly diagnosed by a professional since the symptoms are very similar to insulin resistance. If leptin resistance is diagnosed, it is important to take steps towards treating this condition. When left untreated, leptin resistance can cause weight gain and lead to complications such as diabetes or obesity. The best way to treat leptin resistance is to adopt a healthier lifestyle, including a diet with less carbs and sugar and plenty of exercise.

Is It Possible To Completely Reverse Leptin Resistance?

The right diet and exercise regimen will help reverse the effects of leptin resistance. It is believed that leptin resistance could be the product of a prolonged exposure to a diet rich in carbs and sugar, which means a better diet would eventually make the right receptors sensitive to leptin again. However, scientists believe that some patients are predisposed for this condition and might not have receptors that function properly in the first place. For instance, there is evidence suggesting that women are less sensitive to leptin than men and that this condition could run in some families.

Can Leptin Resistance Lead To Obesity?

Leptin Resistance Leads To ObesityLeptin resistance is often observed in patients who suffer from obesity or who are overweight. The two conditions are closely connected since being resistant to the leptin hormone means a patient would not stop experiencing hunger when they are full. Besides, existing fat reserves will not be used if the right receptors do not detect the presence of leptin. This condition causes severe weight gain that can result in obesity and being overweight because of a diet too rich in carbs and sugar could cause this condition to appear.

Do Supplements Work Against Leptin Resistance?

The leptin hormone was discovered in 1994 and the first supplements designed to treat leptin resistance followed shortly after. However, no supplement has been proven to work against this condition. There are plenty of leptin supplement available but these products do not work because the leptin they contained is digested. The digestion process breaks down the leptin and does not allow the hormone to enter the bloodstream in its full form. Supplement manufacturers still manage to sell these products by promising results to patients who do not have the motivation necessary to work out or make some changes to their diet.

What Is An Ideal Diet Plan To Get Rid Of Leptin Resistance?

Exercising and adopting a healthy and well-balanced diet is the key to reverting the effects of leptin resistance. It is best to eat three meals a day and to completely eliminate snacking. Each meal should include healthy portions of foods rich in lean proteins and fibers as well as fruits and vegetables. Eliminating carbs and sugar or at least cutting down to healthier levels is crucial. Using intermittent fasting will allow the body to burn existing fat reserves. This method consists in not eating for at least twelve hours between a healthy dinner and a breakfast rich in proteins and fibers. Check out the venus factor diet program review and find out what you can do to treat leptin resistance.

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