Weight Loss Tips For Women: Are You Sabotaging Yourself?

Weight Loss Tips For Women

Out of all the mistakes that women make when trying to lose weight, here are some of the most common ones. Just avoiding these mistakes will put you in good state. There is so much bad advice regarding weight loss that it is normal to feel discombobulated after doing an hour of research online.

Information overload and most of it is contradictory. Just bear in mind that if you follow the tips listed below and our list of the best weight loss tips for women, you absolutely will lose weight. Make no mistake about it. Are you ready? Good. Read on.

1. You MUST know your calorie maintenance number and aim to be at a deficit of about 300-500 calories a day. Most women never find out what their number is. You can find out your number at http://www.freedieting.com/tools/calorie_calculator.htm

2. Never ever try and cut too many calories too soon. You will not speed up your fat loss. Instead, you will slow it down because your body goes into starvation mode and holds on to its fat stores desperately.

3. Never underestimate the damage a single cookie can do. Actually, it doesn’t have to be a cookie. That is just a symbol that applies to any food you crave but know that you’re not supposed to eat.

An hour long moderate workout may burn about 300 to 400 calories. One slice of pizza and a coke may contain more calories than what you struggled to burn for an hour. So, just giving in to temptation may mean that your effort was just cancelled out.

4. You will make better progress by cleaning up your diet and eating clean, wholesome foods than you would by exercising harder.

5. Don’t try to do too much too soon. Take progressively small steps. It will make complying with your diet or training easier. If you eat 2 bars of chocolate a day, cut it down to one for a week. The following week, cut out the remaining one or if that’s too difficult, just eat half a bar a day.

This will be easier both mentally and physically. Your body will also need to adjust to the new diet and training. If you change things up overnight, it’s going to be a shock to your system.

6. Don’t expect results overnight. Aim to stay on your weight loss quest for 3 months. That is only 90 days. It can be done. Take a photo of yourself on day one and take a photo of yourself on day 90. The difference will be so stunning that you will never look back or doubt yourself.

7. Don’t trust the weighing scale. You are better off just using a tape measure to measure the circumference of your arms (around biceps), thighs, buttocks, waist and hips.

The weighing scale does not show how much fat you lost or muscle you gained. The data is just a number and it doesn’t paint a complete picture.

These are 7 of the most common ways that women sabotage themselves. Bear them in mind and keep moving forward in your weight loss journey. If you prefer to follow a program which makes it easy for you to lose weight and get in shape, then I recommend you check out my detailed venus factor review. It’s a great program designed for women.

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