Weight Loss For Women – Losing Weight Successfully And Keeping It Off!

Weight Loss For Women - Losing Weight Successfully And Keeping It Off!How often have you gone through a cycle of launching a weight loss for women diet along with a male figure in your life? This could be your spouse, best friend, coworker or even a sibling. What will usually happen is the male will end up losing their fat rather rapidly and with very little effort on their part. All the while, you are left feeling as though you are fighting to lose even a couple of pounds each week. In addition to that, you will more than likely hit a few plateaus along the way that will lead to a lot of frustration and even the feeling like you want to give up.

What you need to know is that it is a simple truth that a lot of women will have trouble losing weight simply because they are trying to attack dieting the same way that men do instead of following one of the healthy weight loss for women diets. Weight loss is certainly something that is different for everyone, especially males and females. The last thing that you will want is for desperation to set in as you could end up falling off of your goals and neglecting to lose the weight that you so badly want to get rid of.

Fad diets such as consuming nothing but cabbage soup, packing on meats and cutting out carbs, wiping out everything but one food group or even starving yourself is going to do nothing for you. The truth is that in order to lose weight like other successful women have done in the past, you need to learn more about how the female body works. Educating yourself on your metabolism and how your body processes food will be a great way to get you started.

Women are different, not only from men but also from one another when it comes to a weight loss journey. It is only going to be that one moment where you understand your unique needs as a female, then will you be able to start on a healthier path, a lighter lifestyle and the enjoyment of overall good well being. Before you know it, once you realize that you cannot and should not be dieting like a man, you will be able to meet your weight loss goals and even change the ways in which you have been thinking about foods and dieting in general.

Weight Loss For Women: Why Is It Easier For Men To Lose Weight?

The first obvious factor is the difference in size. Generally, men are bigger, leaner and have more muscle. That means, men burn more calories at any one time than women.

By eating the same amount of food as a woman, the man will not gain as much weight. Even the same amount of exercise will burn more calories in a man than a woman.

Most food servings in restaurants or even fast food joints are meant for men. It just makes economic sense. If these eating establishments were to serve women sized portions, the men would not feel satiated. Like the saying goes, “A hungry man is an angry man.”

The first step you can take is to stop eating when you are three quarters full. You should never feel pressured to finish all the food on your plate. Forget the parents’ advice of finishing all the food on your plate because some kid somewhere is starving.

That’s outdated advice that is so ingrained in so many people that they unconsciously feel guilty if they don’t eat every morsel on their plate.

Another reason men lose weight more easily is the presence of testosterone. The testosterone levels in a man are much higher. This results in them having more muscle.

More muscles mean that you burn more calories at any one time. Since men are burning more calories, they have less excess calories which are converted to fat.

However, there is also a difference in body composition that is beneficial to women.

A woman looks her best when her bodyfat percentage is in the 18 to 22% range. She will look athletic and fit. If a women’s bodyfat percentage drops too low, she will look skinny, unhealthy and “drawn out”.

You may have noticed women at the gym who excessively work out. Often they have sunken cheeks, look haggard and overworked. This is due to the fact that their bodyfat percentage is too low. If you’re a woman, you just need to aim for a range of 20 to 30 percent body fat. That’s it…and it’s pretty simple to achieve.

A man however, will need to aim for a range of 8 to 12% bodyfat and that is really difficult to achieve.

We must make a distinction here. There is a difference between weight loss for women and fat loss. A woman can be at her ideal weight and still have a high percentage of body fat. The same applies to a man. You may have heard of the term “skinny fat”. This is what it is. You’re slim but instead of muscles, your weight is mostly fatty weight.

The first thing any woman should do is get her body fat percentage measured. Look at the figures below to get an idea where you stand.

  • Age: 20-40 years Healthy Range: 21%-33% Overweight: 33%-39% Obese: Over 39%
  • Age: 41-60 years Healthy Range: 23%-35% Overweight: 35%-40% Obese: Over 40%
  • Age: 61-79 years Healthy Range: 24%-36% Overweight: 36%-42% Obese: Over 42%

One of the major reasons that women take a longer time is because they use training and nutrition plans that are better suited for a man. Even professional gym trainers make this mistake and wonder why their female clients are not progressing.

Women are lighter and smaller than men. They burn fewer calories for the same activity that a man does. Their calorie requirements are also much lower. That means their calorie deficits are of a much smaller percentage. There is a lot less room for error. A scoop of ice-cream or a muffin can throw off their calorie deficit. It’s tough but it’s the truth.

For small, petite women who have lower calorie requirements, they’ll have a relative deficit of 20% to 30%

Let’s compare.

A male 25 years of age standing at 6’ and weighing 198 lbs. who is active has a daily calorie maintenance level of 2812 calories. A calorie deficit of 18% will equate to a deficit of 500 calories.

His calorie intake to lose weight will be 2250 calories per day.

His predicted fat loss will be 1 pound a week.

It’s easy to drop your calorie intake to 2250 calories. Just cut out a dessert or soda here and there and it will be relatively painless. He will not be starving.

Now let’s compare with a smaller woman.

A woman 25 years of age standing at 4’ 10” and weighing 115 lbs. who is active has a daily calorie maintenance level of 1354 calories. A calorie deficit of 18% will equate to a deficit of 244 calories.

Since 1 pound = 3500 calorie, it will take her 14 days to lose one pound. That’s twice the length of time a man would take.

If a woman wishes to drop her calories by 500 so she can attain a 1lb fat loss per week, her daily calorie intake will be 854 calories! That’s difficult and not recommended. Smaller women have no choice but to take the slower route.

Since they can only cut their calories by about 200-300 a day, they should watch their diet really closely. 1 muffin has about 169 calories. Eat 2 and you have wiped out your deficit just like that. So, be aware and careful with what you eat and of course, work out hard daily.

So keep that in mind when you’re looking for a weight loss for women program or when you think to go on a special diet the next time. All those different diets out there might work for the time you follow them, but as soon as you stop and you try to eat “normal” food again, then you will put on the weight you lost within a short amount of time.

The same will happen when you relay on a diet which is based on shakes or supplements. Those might work for the time you’re following them to the teeth, but as soon as you go back to your normal eating habits, you’re going to put on a lot of weight again.

Venus Factor Weight Loss For WomenThe best way to lose weight for women is to understand their bod, maintain a healthy eating style and doing some workouts regularly. Since this isn’t always that easy to accomplish, it might be best, when you start following a complete course, like the Venus Factor, which has been specially designed for women.

Do you have questions or have you had any success with losing weight? If so, then please leave a comment below and I’ll try to answer all questions as good as I can and I also appreciate every feedback.

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