Discover How Stress And Sleep Prevent Women From Losing Weight

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Excessive stress and a lack of sleep will sabotage even the best efforts at fat loss. Millions of women who try to lose weight, often reach a point where no matter what they do; their efforts seem negligible and don’t bear fruit.

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They have reached a plateau and they have no idea why. There is a limit as to how much you can clean up and cut your calories. You also can’t train like an Olympian just to lose a few pounds. It has to be easier… and it is.

One of the causes of weight gain is stress. Being stressed out all the time causes mental and physical conditions in the body that make it more prone to gaining weight. There is of course the issue of calorie consumption. However, if you have your calories under control and you are eating right, then you must get your stress under control.

When you are stressed out, your body secretes a hormone called cortisol from the adrenal glands. This hormone helps to regulate blood pressure and also provides the body with energy. Cortisol also stimulates the release of insulin and this has a direct effect on fat storage. Herein, lays the problem.

When you are overly stressed out, more cortisol is released and this will result in hunger cravings where you crave carbohydrates. Consuming food will see a spike in insulin levels and this will lead to fat storage.

So, cortisol indirectly makes you fat. It is imperative that you control your stress levels so that you can lose weight more effectively. You may engage in meditation, take long walks, watch comedies, do yoga, etc. You should do whatever makes you happy so that you can de-stress.

Anytime there is a problem, you can bet that someone somewhere will try to make a quick buck out of it. There are supplements sold in health stores that claim to be able to lower cortisol and thereby enhance your attempts at weight loss. You should give these supplements a wide berth and save your money.

Stress is an internal problem. It’s dependant on the way you view things. You need to be positive and not sweat the small stuff. Just ignore the trivialities in life. Don’t get annoyed by bad traffic or long lines at the supermarket. You are bigger than that. Just remember that every time you get stressed out, you’re adding pounds to your body.

That should keep you feeling positive for the most part.

The lack of sleep also affects fat loss. The less sleep you have, the chances of you being irritable and irascible are higher. That means more stress. Furthermore, the extra waking hours may raise your chances of eating the wrong food or just eating too much.

Many women realize that when they wake up in the morning, they look and feel slimmer. This doesn’t last. After the first meal, they go back to feeling and looking fat. The reason for this is that the body burns calories when you are asleep.

If you have the luxury of sleeping 9 or 10 hours a day, you should go for it. During this time, your body will burn calories to maintain the body’s usual processes. No effort on your part is involved. When you wake, you can eat at a caloric deficit, do your body workouts, etc. Then it’s back to bed for another 10 hours. 3 weeks of this and you will be surprised at your weight loss.

It may seem like a lazy way to live but it’s extremely effective for fat loss. Sleep will de-stress you and also prevent you from eating unnecessarily. Give it a try if you can. De-stress as much as possible and sleep as much as possible when you’re trying to lose weight.

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