The Salvation Diet Review – What Would Jesus Eat?

Welcome to my “The Salvation Diet Review – What Would Jesus Eat?“. I’m Daniel and here you’ll discover what this bible diet plan is all about, how it works and if it will work for you too if you decide to follow it.

Are you a Christian who has tried and failed to lose weight again and again following “fad” diets and you feel like you’re going to be overweight or even fat no matter what you do? Or are you just looking for a healthier lifestyle following a biblical diet?

If that’s you and if you want to discover your own Salvation simply by eating what The Lord laid out for his people in the pages of The Bible, then you need to keep on reading.

What Is The Salvation Diet About & How Does It Work??

First, this Christian weight loss plan isn’t just about losing weight and getting in shape. It’s all about your lifestyle and changing some of your habits. Chris Walker, the Author, wrote this first for himself. It was his personal field journal of notes and discoveries as he experimented with his newfound knowledge about becoming “my best self” in all forms. In short, “The Salvation Diet – What Would Jesus Eat?” is all about how to eat as clean as possible, as God had intended for us, while avoiding the unclean foods to easily and quickly shed all the unwanted pounds of weight.

The Salvation Diet Video

Who Is The Author?

Author of “The Salvation Diet: What Would Jesus Eat?” is Chris Walker, who is a follower and true believer in the words, actions and teachings of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In case you are wondering, He’s not a medical doctor or scientist and he also is not a personal trainer or a nutritionist. Chris Walker is a regular Christian who put in thousands of hours testing and tweaking what he believes is the ultimate system for living life optimally – spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally. 

The Program Components

The Salvation Diet is a digital guide with videos, online content and PDF sheets and it’s broken into seven modules.  Why seven…because the number seven is a number God gave that represents completeness, divine perfection and something that is finished. Each module has some lessons as well as a few helpful worksheets. The modules can be accessed through the online membership and you have the ability to leave comments and questions on each of the modules and interact with other members. Below is a screen shot of the members are:

The Salvation Diet Members Area

Module 1: Intro

In this module Chris Walker shares with you his story of hitting all time lows (just like you might have but worse). Then deciding to make changes, making small changes each and everyday and to start honoring Jesus with his life. How that lead him to the discovery of “The Salvation Diet: What Would Jesus Eat?” and a wonderful brand new Life! 🙂

The worksheet you get with the first module is all about brainstorming and believing in myself. This worksheet will help you getting the right mindset and improving your self-esteem and life in general. This is extremely important to really be able to lose the weight you want and be able to keep it off.

Module 2: Daily Verse

The Daily Verse and developing a solid foundation of Prayer & Gratitude for your Life. In this module Chris is going to cover something most people let go from their everyday busy life. Daily prayer and gratitude. Your daily prayer and gratitude will have one of the biggest impacts on your life and will take less than 7 minutes a day. Daily prayer and gratitude are going to be something he will show you to start to do everyday, it’s going to reshape your Mind, your Body & Soul!

Module 3: Rejuvenate

In this module Chris does cover something that most people overlook. Rejuvenation and Rest. Most people refer to it as Sleep :). Although sleep is something we do every night, lack of it it greatly affects our weight. As Chris read the Bible, he quickly realized that it wasn’t the caffeine that was keeping him up at night. The culprit was worry and fear. He wasn’t putting his faith and trust in Jesus. His sleepless problems had to do with his spiritual emptiness. Chris was worrying about things completely out of his own control. So this allowed him to immediately see that he shouldn’t carry all the burdens himself. In the Book of Matthew Jesus reminds us, “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” God intended for us to get sleep and rejuvenate each and every night and sleep well while as he watches over us!

Module 4: That’s Not Food.

Here Chris will share with you that EVERYTHING that he had believed was a lie up until discovering “The Salvation Diet: What Would Jesus Eat?” Chris’ knowledge of diet, nutrition and exercise from the modern world was like the home built on sand. His understanding of how to take care of his own body was a shaky house built on a crumbling foundation. And then everything changed. And he realized he had to rebuild.

Included within this module are two ebooks. The first one is “That’s Not Food” which contains 21 pages and is all about “The 12 Food and Diet Myths that are Keeping you Fat Frustrated, and Unfulfilled”. The second ebook is called “Let Jesus Take The Grocery Cart” and it contains a list of the different types of food you can eat to lose weight and get in shape.

Plus you get some “Gifts” which are extra info about the diet and they include:

  • Living Water: This explains the importance of Water for our life.
  • 7 Days of Creation Meal Plan: Which is a 7 day meal plan to help you getting started the right way.
  • The Food Forgiveness Journal: Which is a journal where you can track everything you eat and drink and how it makes you feel. This is a great sheet which will help you getting a real overview of what you really eat. I personally recommend that you use that, it will help you a lot and might open your eyes about the food you really eat.

Module 5: Playtime

In this module Chris Walker is going to cover the importance of exercise or as he likes to call it, Playtime. To be clear, 90 percent of the way you look is based upon the food you put in your body. But it is still important to move your body as well, which in turn clears your mind. Lack of playtime is responsible for twice as many deaths as obesity says a recent study. Since his friends of The Salvation Diet come in all shapes and sizes he has created a three-tier exercise system to suit any and all fitness levels.

This module has also in-depth information about all the different kind of exercises (weight training included) you can do to not only lose weight and get in shape but also to improve your overall health. It also includes an exercise log (journal) PDF which you can print out and enter the exercises you have done for each day. It doesn’t mean that you need to go to the gym 7 days a week. This journal is more of a help to get a good overview of all the different kind of exercises you do each day.

Module 6: Serving Others

In this module Chris is going to cover something most people overlook. Serving Others. Serving Others is going to have amazing long lasting positive effect on your mind, body & spirit. How could he has been so wrong for so long about the importance of serving others? What he thought about serving was completely wrong. When you serve, you quickly discover the most important things we have to offer are not things at all.

Module 7: Being Your Best Self

Let me ask you a question “If your life were a book, would anyone want to read it?” Well if we don’t do anything about our life. It is going to pass us by. So lets start writing our “new book” today! 🙂

Within this module you’ll find easy to do steps to become your absolute best self. Plus you’ll find a gift “Simplify Your Life” where you learn how to remove the physical and the mental clatter of your life.

Click Here To Visit The Official Salvation Diet Website

Who Is The Salvation Diet For?

The Salvation Diet eBookIf you’re a believer and a Follower of Christ (or if you were a believer and have lapsed) this Christian diet plan could change your life forever and help you make changes that could add years or decades to your life. Age and gender doesn’t matter at all. You can apply all these strategies for yourself or for your whole family. All will benefit from it.

If you’re not a christian, then this diet plan might not be for you since it is obviously very religious in nature and may be “offensive” to particularly sensitive non-Christians.

Will It Work For You?

This completely depends on yourself. The plan Chris Walker did put together is really a good one and it will help you losing weight, getting in shape and have a better overall health if you follow the plan. If you just do some bits of the plan here and there, then you won’t see the results you have been looking for. So with everything in life, if you want to succeed, then you need to have the right mindset and work for it and then you’re going to see the results you have been dreaming of for sure.


  • Loads of content and great info
  • Included meal plans
  • Easy to follow and integrate into your life, if you’re a Christian
  • 60 day money back guarantee


No real workout plan. Chris does list different types of exercises you can o for any kind of fitness level, but there’s no real plan included like do this or do that.

The Verdict

The Salvation Diet is not just a biblical diet. It’s much more than that. It’s about lifestyle. If you believe in the three pillars: mind, body, and soul then the Salvation Diet does guide you to the lifestyle which is the lifestyle for you. Changing habits you have been living with for most of your life will not be easy, but “The Salvation Diet – What Would Jesus Eat?” will lead you step by step while also giving you the biblical guidance you need to make positive changes as a christian. You will get out of it what you put into it. Now it’s your turn.

If you’re a Christian and a believer and follower of the lord, then click on the link below to visit the official “The Salvation Diet – What Would Jesus Eat?” website and start changing your life today.

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