The E-Factor Diet Review – Does It Really Work?

Hey, Daniel here,

and you’re reading my uncensored e-factor diet user review. You’ll discover all the insights about this diet, and how the efactor diet works. But most importantly, you’ll also discover if that diet really works for you.

Losing weight can be a really hard task. Especially when you get older. I can tell you this from my own experience. When I was in my 20’s, It was much easier to eat what I wanted without gaining any weight. After I passed the age of around 35 the same food I was eating when I was in my 20’s made me fat. I really gained a lot of weight (around 30 pounds) and had a hard time losing that again.

That’s Me

However I was able to lose 30 pounds in 2 month and could keep it off. Honestly, I didn’t lose all of that weight because I was following the e-factor diet. When I started losing weight, this diet didn’t exist. I lost most of the weight after I have done my own research. I started drinking a lot of water. I was eating high protein, low carb food and did workout 3 times a week.

The e-factor diet helped me to lose the last 10 pounds from my 30 pounds I lost. Now that I know what to eat and when to eat the different kind of food, it’s easier for me to keep that weight off. And most importantly, I can eat what I enjoy and don’t have to count every calorie. And I can tell you, it makes so much more fun, when you know what you can eat, because you can eat almost everything again. You also don’t have to cook a different meal than your family or friends enjoy, which is also a great advantage of this diet.

Try The E-Factor Diet Now

What Is The E-Factor Diet All About?

The E-Factor Diet eBookThis isn’t a normal diet plan you might know from other diets out there. With this diet you don’t have to count calories or remain on a certain type of low fat foods. The e-factor diet is more like a program where you coach your body losing that extra weight you gained all over the years. This diet program is all about following the e-factors, which I’ll explain what they are soon, and about timing your meals. It’s a real foods on the right time system.

It’s as simple as:

  • Eat all the protein you want.
  • Eat all the vegetables you want.
  • Drink all the water you want.
  • Stay away from foods to which you are intolerant.

There will be no limits on what you eat. This is the difference to most other diet plans where you have limits on what you eat. Having limits doesn’t work for the long term and isn’t that healthy either. The only plan you have to follow within the e-factor diet program is, that you eat certain foods on certain times and John does explain that very well and in an easy to understand way. In short:

The e factor diet plan takes you by the hand, and shows you how to find your own personal diet plan which is working for YOU!

What Are The E-Factors?

The e-factor stands for the 4 E’s which are followed throughout the ebook and these 4 E’s are for:

  1. Energetic Foods
  2. Endothermic Foods
  3. Enzymatic Foods
  4. Enjoy Every Meal

Who Is The Author?

John RowleyAuthor of the complete diet plan and it’s bonus ebooks is John Rowley, a well known Fitness and Nutrition expert. He has been seen on many different TV shows such as the US News, PBS, NBC, Martha Stewart Show and the Fox News. John has helped a lot of people like you and me to lose weight and achieving a healthier lifestyle. He’s a real guy which has gone trough many different stages within his live and was overweight himself. So he knows how this feels and how you can get started losing weight.

He’s also a co-author of the very popular workout program, Old School New Body.

The Program Components

The E-Factor Diet eBook

The main ebook does contain 103 pages with very in-depth information about dieting and all the different kind of foods. It also contains a lot of information around achieving dieting success within your life. Loads of content and all written in a way which makes it easy to understand, also for a beginner.

Weight Loss Hand Book

This is a short 2 page content book (actually 5 pages with cover and other information included) which does answer the million dollar question: “How Do You Lose Excess Fat?”

Grocery Guide

A 5 page guide which you can print out and take with you when you’re going to the grocery. It’s a very helpful little book and it contains a list for the following food types:

  • Protein
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fat Choices
  • Condiments

I printed this lists out and when we go to the grocery, we only get foods from these lists. That does also save us some money, since we now have a shopping list and don’t go to the grocery and take some stuff, just because they where on a deal 🙂

Meal Planning Blueprint

This is a 25 page blueprint for planning your meals. It also contains samples for:

  • Morning Meals and Snacks
  • Midday Meals and Snacks
  • Nighttime Meals and Snacks

It also contains information about which foods to eat, how much protein you should take and when you should eat the different kind of foods. Then this blueprint comes also with a Protein Guide by Body Weight which I thought was helpful.

Cheat your Way Trim

Cheat Meals Are Mandatory – Yes, you read that correctly. Cheat meals are not only mandatory, they will help you achieve your goals more quickly and will speed up your metabolism along the way. Within this 12 page guide John does explain everything about these cheat meals.

Click here to get started with the E-Factor Diet

Bonus #1: Fast Food Guide

I was surprised from this 9 page ebook, since it was not saying, that you should avoid fast food. instead John does list the good choices you can get from those fast food restaurants. He does list 10 different fast food companies. Great idea, since there will always be a time where you might want to go to one of those restaurants, either because you don’t have time for anything else or you promised your kids you would go to one.

Bonus #2: Smoothie Shop

This bonus book is all about smoothies and does contain many different recipes, so that you can prepare a healthy smoothie your self. Most of those recipes are based on fruits and do not take much time to prepare. I, as well as my wife and kids, do love those smoothies. Really good addition to the diet plan.

Bonus #3: All-Day Energy Secrets

Within the All-Day Energy Secrets book you get some great info about getting energy when you need it. It covers the following topics:

  • Natural Energy Boosting Strategies
  • Simple Energy Tips
  • Unique Energy Enhancers
  • Simple Movements You Can Do While in Your Car, at Your Desk or at Home

Bonus #4: Joint Recovery Workshop

This is a MP3 file which contains a recording of a webinar John did.

Bonus #5: Elite Support Community

This is a Facebook Group where you can get support to reach your goals.

And here’s how the members area looks like:

E-Factor Diet Members Area

What I Loved Most About This Diet Plan

I started following the simple plan explained above, and was able to find the foods which are working for me personally and for which my body responds in the best way possible. This is what makes this diet plan so unique.

For example, if you are adding unwanted body fat, losing energy, your joints hurt, and more … then, being aware of what you ate, and how that food affected your body, will help you identify which foods to avoid in the future. John called this “personal responsibility.” In short, if you take responsibility to eat this way, and avoid the foods that don’t agree with your body, you will look and feel 10 years younger.

Will It Work For You?

To be honest with you. This question can only be answered by yourself. I can tell you only from my own experience. If you are willing to change some of your eating habits and if you really want to lose weight and achieving a healthier lifestyle, then this diet plan will definitely work for you. In fact, this diet is quite simple:

Eat Real Food At The Right Time

that’s all you really have to do after you found out which kind of food is best for your body and which your body can digest easily. Do that and you’ll lose that unwanted extra weight.

Who Is This Diet Plan For?

This diet plan is for everyone. Women as well as men. Age doesn’t matter either. The only thing is, that you have to commit yourself to eat properly. If you are willing to do that, than this diet plan is definitely for you. The E-Factor Diet will bring enjoyable eating back into your life while helping you to burn fat and live a healthy vibrant life.


  • The complete program does include loads of helpful content.
  • Everything is well organized, easy to read and easy to understand.
  • Personalized diet plan.
  • Can easily be followed. Not only by you, but also by your whole family.
  • Does definitely change your life in a positive way.
  • Comes with really great and helpful bonuses.


  • You need to change some of your habits to become successful with this diet plan. It’s not really a product related drawback, since you always have to change something if you want to become successful with it.


The title of this book is The E-Factor Diet, but the end result will be so much more than a diet. You may want to lose some fat, but you need more than just a diet solution. This is a holistic solution that empowers every area of your life, not just your body fat levels. If you follow this plan, you will eat your way to a leaner, younger body.

I really love it and what John does teach about nutrition and dieting. I started feeling better just after some days following the plan. I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I do. So if you want to start losing fat, getting more energy and improving your health, than I recommend you go for that diet plan too. Click the link below to get started.

Click here to visit the E-Factor's official site


Do you have any questions regarding the e-factor diet plan? If so, then please leave a comment below and I’ll try to answer them asap and as good as I can.


Do you already follow this diet plan? Please share your experience with us by leaving a comment below. Thank You.


36 thoughts on “The E-Factor Diet Review – Does It Really Work?

  1. - Reply

    Hi Danial,

    Will I have to give up drink bourbon, or wine? I enjoy this occasionally.



    1. - Reply

      Hi Bud

      When you only drink them occasionally, then you don’t have to give them up. Even when we want to lose weight, we still need to have something we enjoy from time to time. That keeps us happy and moving forward 🙂


  2. - Reply

    I don’t have very much money with medical stuff, so does this plan cost a lot of money when buying the food and will it work with someone who has stage four Lupus, and is on steroids, depression meds/seizure prevention meds, albuterol and advair inhalers/nebulizers and has chemotherapy/IVIG quite often?

    1. - Reply

      Hi Alura

      It won’t cost you more than the food you already buy. To be honest, I don’t know if that diet plan will work for you, since I have no experience with the symptoms you describe. I think you should discus that with your doctor to see if such a diet plan is right for you.


  3. - Reply

    Sorry auto correct I meant eletronic downloads

    1. - Reply

      Hello Cindy

      Yes, these books are all electronic downloads and you won’t receive anything by mail.

      I hope that helps,

  4. - Reply

    Is this all energetic downloads no mail involved

  5. - Reply

    Are there monthly fees involved over the initial payment?

    1. - Reply

      Hi Sharon

      No, there are no monthly fees for this diet plan. You can get it for a one time payment.

      I hope that helps,

  6. - Reply

    Is this good for people that are not necessarily trying to loose weight, but they just want a healthy meal plan?

    1. - Reply

      Hi Madeline

      Yes, I would say that this is also good for people who want to learn more about healthy eating and healthy meal plans since there is a lot of content around this topic.

      I hope that helps,

  7. - Reply


    Curious if this will work within a gluten free diet? A person (sort of!) asked this question, but in conjunction with other things, and I really didn’t see an answer. I would think I can make normal modifications/substitutions wherever gluten might be called for.

    Thanks in advance!


    1. - Reply

      Hi Tammy

      Yes, it will work with a gluten free diet too. You can replace the food which contains gluten with one which is gluten free. That works just fine.

      I hope that helps,

      1. - Reply

        Hi Daniel ~ Thanks for the quick response! I thought it could be adapted but wanted to be sure!


  8. - Reply

    Hi Daniel
    Does the e-factor work for menopausal women. I am currently on HRT (estrogen patches) and have gained 4 kg in a month. Please advise

    1. - Reply

      Hi Ricci,

      I chatted with John, the creator of the e-factor diet and forwarded your question, so that you get the best and more importantly an expert answer. Here’s what he said:

      The Answer is Yes. You can regulate your diet even during menopause to fit the guidelines of the E-Factor Diet.

      I have two suggestions. The first is if you want to stick with the number of carbs you’re consuming now, just make that meal right after your workout. That way, you’ll use the carb’s and burn them off more quickly.

      My other suggestion is to try rotating higher and lower carb days. You could do three low carb days in a row and then have a high carb day. By “lower carb” I mean around 50 usable grams of carbs per day. And, by “higher” I mean at least 100.

      If you do the carb rotation, it’s important to be very strict on the lower days, or you won’t get the fat loss benefits of the rotation.

      Most important thing to remember is to introduce as much natural protein into your daily diet as possible.

      It might be okay with you to have slightly slower fat loss but really enjoy life and carbs! Some people can get away with eating a few more carbs than others and still get great results.

      I hope this helps.


  9. - Reply

    I have several issues. I am leptin and insulin resistant. I am vegetarian to address gout naturally. I recently gained 26 lbs in 3 weeks from medicine. I keep my calorie intake at 1000 to 1200. After reading blogs I have concluded this weight will take a long time to take off. In summary, I have a damaged metabolism and a chemically induced weight gain. Will this help me? I am very diciplined on what I eat.

    1. - Reply

      Hello Donna

      I forwarded your question to John, the creator of this diet and he sent me the following response:

      Your caloric intake sounds pretty specific.

      I have two suggestions. The first is if you want to stick with the number of carbs you’re consuming now, just make that meal right after your workout. That way, you’ll use them and burn them off more quickly.

      My other suggestion is to try rotating higher and lower carb days. You could do three low carb days in a row and then have a high carb day. By “lower carb” I mean around 50 usable grams of carbs per day. And, by “higher” I mean at least 100.

      If you do the carb rotation, it’s important to be very strict on the lower days, or you won’t get the fat loss benefits of the rotation.

      As far as your workout routine: Please consider a ( HIIT ) training regiment. That is short for High intensity Interval Training.

      You can have success with eating the weight off. But it’s been my experience that introducing a significant amount of physical activity will help speed things along. Please do this at a safe pace.

      I hope that helps.


  10. - Reply

    Dear Daniel,
    I am a 1+ breast cancer surviver. I want to get ahead of the post chemo/surgery experince, lose accumulated weight and get my ‘zing’ back. Is this for me?

    1. - Reply

      Dear Gabbi

      I forwarded your question to John (the creator of the diet) and already received the following answer:

      The Answer is YES.

      You can follow the guidelines of the E-Factor diet.

      This high protein, low carb diet is not like traditional diets. I would highly recommend discussing the outline of the diet with your primary care physician.

      It is very important that your diet coincides with the recommendations put forth by your doctor.

      Should your doctor say, that this isn’t for you, you always can get your money back. John offers a 60 day money back guarantee and he does really refund the money if it shouldn’t work.

      I hope that helps.


  11. - Reply

    Quickest way to lose weight…!

  12. - Reply

    Hello I was told by my holistic doctor that I have a histemine intolerance that I need to avoid certain foods (mostly not never again) but on that list is eggs, avocado, Greek yogurt, pineapple, spinach. Does that line up with the diet? Or is it not right for me?

    Thx Samantha

    1. - Reply

      Hi Samantah

      Histamine intolerance shouldn’t be an issue with this diet, since there is such a high variety of foods you can eat, that you will find the ones for which you don’t have an intolerance for.


  13. - Reply

    I don’t eat fruits or vegetables and i’m honestly not ready to start now. Can I still use this plan to effectively meet my goals toward losing weight and belly fat?

    1. - Reply

      Hi William,

      If you don’t eat fruits or vegetables, then this diet plan isn’t the right one for you and I wouldn’t recommend it.


  14. - Reply

    I am a Nigerian. Our dishes are different, can I benefit from your diet plan? Or can you create a diet plan for us?

    1. - Reply

      Hi Adaku

      You can benefit from this diet plan. It does list all sort of different kind of foods you can eat and it will also teach you when to eat those specific food. Based on that list, I’m sure you’ll be able to have the right meals and profit from that diet plan.

      I hope that helps.


  15. - Reply

    Can you drink alcohol ? I do not drink beer but, I drink whiskey. If so in what amounts.


    1. - Reply

      Hi David

      They don’t mention directly that you shouldn’t drink alcohol within the ebook. The one thing they write about that is the following:

      If you have a problem with alcohol, don’t drink. This is because with these things, the exceptions will become then become the rule, not the exception. So, on the things that you know are difficult for you, don’t make that exception … ever!

      I hope that helps.


  16. - Reply

    Hello. I have a wheat & yeast intolerance & I know that I am battling Candidia. That being said, I also can not eat Fish or Eggs. Is this plan something that I would be able to adapt with my food restrictions?

    Thank you.

    1. - Reply

      Hello Annie

      I just sent the creator of the diet a message with your question, since I don’t know much about your food intolerance. As soon as I receive the answer, I’ll post it here.

      I googled about the candida and have found a list of foods that will help fight your candida and these foods are also the type within the e-factor die plan. I found the list here:


    2. - Reply

      Hi Annie

      I already received a message from the creator about your question. I just post it as I received it:

      To answer your question: Yes!

      You can follow the E-Factor diet even with your restrictions.

      Here are some examples of foods that can be incorporated with the E-Factor Diet:

      Beans, seeds and nuts in their natural, unprocessed form.

      Fresh meats and poultry (not breaded, batter-coated or marinated)

      Fruits and vegetables

      Most dairy products

      You can incorporate many different kinds of foods to help you meet you carb intake

      I understand you mentioned no fish or eggs. Both of these are high in protein. So in order to keep a high protein intake, I recommend getting the Whey Isolate UX3 perfect meal shake. This is only available in the US, so if you are outside of the US, you can get something of the equivalent.

      The one thing to also remember is to make sure you are getting the right amount of carbs daily. But the upside to this is you can easily find wholesome foods to help you meet your daily requirements.

      It may help to try to focus on all the foods you can eat instead.

      Pretty good support they have 🙂

      I hope that helps.


  17. - Reply

    My country (Kenya) is not listed on the CLICKBANK SECURE Order form.

    How else can I get these e-books at the same discounted amount on their official page?

    1. - Reply

      Hello Naomi

      If you want to get the ebooks, then you can choose PayPal as your payment option on ClickBank. Then when you are at PayPal, you can choose to create an account and then pay with your credit card.

      I hope that helps.

  18. - Reply

    Will this program work with a vegetarian and/or a vegan diet?

    1. - Reply

      Hello Jjane. This program will work with a vegetarian and/or a vegan diet. The only thing you need to do is searching for protein sources, which do not come from animals.

      Since I don’t know much about vegetarian/vegan diet, I did a search on Google and found some resource which do provide such kind of protein. Here are the links,,20718479,00.html

      If you then replace the animal protein from this program with one of those, then it will work for you too.

      I hope that helps.

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