50 Fit Review – Can Fred W. Schafer Show You How To Reshape Your Body In 28 Days?

Fit Couple Over 50If you’re over 40, then the thought has already crossed your mind…

You’re not sure if the workouts everyone is talking about… the tabatas, the high intensity intervals, the “risky” moves that have you throwing weights overhead and bouncing around like a circus acrobat are right for you. Right?

After all, aren’t all these workouts created by people who are at least a decade younger then you?

Well… the truth is… YES!

You MUST follow on an intelligently designed resistance training program!

This program can be simple and can be done using some free weights, bodyweight training or a little of both. And…

If you are over 40 or have injuries, it doesn’t have to be crazy fancy (AKA risky) exercises. Instead it can be slow movements, practiced with medium intensity so you can still get great results without compromising your safety.

What’s important is that you do something, you do it consistently and over time you focus on getting a little stronger each month. When you do this… You’ll stay strong and lean no matter how old you are! Now let’s look at the 50 Fit program, which has been created for those over the age of 50.

What Exactly Is The 50 Fit Training System All About?

Fit over 50 is NOT another weight loss or diet program. It is also NOT another “quick fix” solution to all of your health and wellness issues. The 50 Fit training program is a complete fitness, health and wellness lifestyle system designed for people over the age of 50. It is a 28 day challenge to take your life into a better direction on a physical, mental / emotional and spiritual level.

It does this through fundamental proven principles that will significantly improve any person’s current condition. But that can only happen under the condition that you accept the 28 day challenge of 50 Fit and participate in the program.

The fit over 50 system does include full body strength, flexibility and conditioning exercise, better nutrition and high performance mindset management. And while it is only a 28 day program it is designed to “hook” you into a permanent way of living and thinking that may be new for some.

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Who Is The Author?

Fred W. Schafer, Fitness Over 50 TrainerThe author of this complete system is Fred W. Schafer, a 56 years old Certified Fitness Trainer, Nutritionist, Health and Wellness Motivational Speaker. He’s also a member of the National Medical Fitness Association.

Since 2002 Fred has been traveling around North America speaking on health, wellness and fitness to hundreds of thousands of people. You can learn more about Fred Schafer at his website.

How Does The 50 Fit Training System Work?

The 50 Fit training system is based on a 28 days workout / movement and better nutrition program. The workouts / movements are especially designed for people over 50 and are full body functional metabolic strength (FBFMS) training workouts.But don’t worry because of its name. It might sound difficult or hard to follow, but in reality it isn’t.

The core movements of the program are pushing, pulling, squatting, bending, rotation/twisting, lunging and striding (walk/run). There are movements included for beginners as well as advanced fitness people.

What Is Included?

Fit Over 50 Training System eBooks

Welcome Guide (59 pages)

This is a comprehensive overview of getting fit and healthy at the age of 50 plus. It includes a 50 fit quick-start checklist, an overview of what 50 Fit is all about, why it works and why it will work for you. Plus you’ll also get some helpful information and guidance about investing in training tools (optional) and how to set goals for encouraging.

28 Days To A Better Body – Your Guide To Extraordinary Over 50 Fitness, Health & Wellness (67 pages)

Within this ebook you’ll discover many more helpful tips about getting fit and healthy plus it contains a complete workout plan for the 28 days (4 weeks).

Movement Manual (79 pages)

The movement manual contains step by step instructions for all the different movements included within the system. Fred doesn’t just explain in-depth how the movements work, he also included photos for each of the different steps you need to take to get the movement done. This makes it really easy to perform these exercises. Below is an overview of the type of movements included:

  • Getting Up From The Floor Safely
  • Warm Up Movements
  • Lower Body Pull Focused Movements
  • Upper Body Pull Focused Movements
  • Lower Body Push Focused Movements
  • Upper Body Push Focused Movements
  • Wind Down Stretches
  • Midsection Makeover Movements
  • Energy Development/Metabolic/Stride
  • Focused Movements
  • “MOVEMENT Quality” Enhancers

No-Nonsense Nutrition Method (199 pages)

This is a very comprehensive guide about dieting and eating healthy. It includes a super simple “Quick-Start” guide to dropping 8-10 pounds of fat in less than 28 days while preserving healthy attractive muscle tissue.

Plus it also contains very detailed information and tips about all the different type of foods (protein, carbs, fat etc) including many examples for each type, which makes it easy to get a better understanding about them.

Supplements, Drinks and Meal Timing are also topics which are covered in-depth within this manual. Overall, this manual contains a lot of great information about healthy eating and about achieving that healthy eating lifestyle. I personally think, this manual alone is worth the investment of the 50 fit system.

BONUS #1: Stop The Stress And Start The Success System (66 pages)

BONUS #2: Fred’s Famous Five Minute Fortifiers (23 pages)

Do You Need A Gym Subscription To Follow The Program?

No, you don’t need any gym subscription to be able to follow Fred Schafer’s training program. All you need is either a kettle bell or dumbbell but not for all of the exercises. Fred included many different movements, for which you don’t even need any equipment at all.

Who Is The Fit Over 50 Training System Right For?

Overall, this is a beneficial program of fitness and health for everyone over 50, women and men. There are many helpful programs out there for weight loss, fitness, and general health after 50. Systems range from relaxation programs, hypnosis, yoga, Pilates, resistance bands and fitness. Although this program is by no means a silver bullet to perfection, I believe it’s the most comprehensive program for a combination of weight loss, getting & keeping fit, and overall health for those over 50.

This health & training system is also beneficial for those over 50 who are already doing any kind of fitness or following any other fitness program. If you’re one of those, then you’ll benefit from all the nutrition information as well as the different exercises, since Fred included movements for all levels.

Good Points:

  • Loads of content
  • All the ebooks are well organized, simple to follow and easy to understand
  • Easy to follow movements
  • Exercises for all levels, beginners and advanced
  • No need for a gym subscription
  • No need to buy expensive equipment
  • The movements can be done anywhere. Your office, garage, motel room or even outdoors!
  • Joint gentle exercises
  • Great nutrition and health information
  • The diet system is similar to the Paleo Diet, natural, quick, and effective

Bad Points:

  • No exercise videos. There’s an option to buy exercise videos, but they aren’t included within the main package.
  • Only as digital copy available. No hard cover copies. The good thing on that is, that you don’t have to wait for it and you can get started immediately.
  • No meal plan. Don’t get me wrong. There is so much great information about nutrition and eating healthy like I haven’t seen in any other program. But there’s no meal plan included. It would have been nice to get at least a meal plan to get started with healthy eating.

The Take Away

A Done-For-You Solution. I feel very strongly that way too many women and men over the age of 50 are missing out on their potential best bodies, fitness, health and wellness.

And that of course negatively affects their fitness, health and quality and enjoyment of life. In Fred’s program, 50FIT, Bring On the Future he has created a doable way for you to get and stay on the leaner and healthier fitness track for the rest of your life!

It’s never to late to start working out! And… at under $20.00 this program is a crazy steel, and if you are over 45 this program will help you feel better and stronger quickly.

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If you have any questions regarding the 50 Fit training program, then please leave a comment below and I’ll answer them as good as I can. If you already follow this program, then please leave a comment too and let us know how you’re doing and if you’re enjoying it.

And if you found my fit over 50 training review helpful, then please share it with your friends. Thank You.


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