Bodyweight Burn Review – My Personal Experience

Bodyweight Burn is a groundbreaking and very unique bodyweight training program. Within this system you’ll discover how you can use “odd” exercises and strategic workout combos to boost your fat-burning by 67%, tighten your core, and increase the health of all your joints, while never exercising more than 21 minutes. It has been created by Adam Steer, “The Bodyweight Coach”. Adam is a NCSA-CPT, NCCP 3, AKC Coach Biosignature Certified, MAT Lower Body Specialist and very well known within the fitness industry.

Hey Daniel here, and you’re on my uncut bodyweight burn review where I’ll share my personal experience and reveal what this fat loss and body weight training program is all about as well as the good points and bad points. If you would like to go directly to the official website, then click here.

I bought the Bodyweight Burn program myself, have gone through everything and I have fun doing the workouts

If you’re looking for an unique and fun way to burn some fat and getting fit, than you should keep reading my review. You’ll discover what Adam’s body weight program is all about from a guy who does actually perform those workouts. If you would like to know more about me, than you can do that on my About Me page.

I bought this program, because I wanted some extra workouts which I can do without the need of any equipment, since we are campers and go out camping every weekend. I’m already following a program, Old School New Body, which does include weight lifting and so I wanted something which I could easily do during our camping days.


Click here to visit the official Bodyweight Burn’s website

What Is The Bodyweight Burn System All About?

Bodyweight Burn Kit

This system, also called BW3 Workout System, is a digital (downloadable) complete fat loss and bodyweight training system, with videos and ebooks, where you only use your body weight to perform the workouts and exercises. You now might think, oh no, not that boring push ups or crunches. Don’t worry, this system offers so many more different bodyweight exercises than those ones. It’s really a unique system which makes fun following and many of the exercises included, haven’t been seen in other programs.

What I like most about the BW3 Workout System is, that it does include so many different exercises which can be done by everyone, doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or pro and age doesn’t matter either.

This body weight workout program is really not a gimmick, but a real program which does require consistent work.

What’s the goal of the program? To burn off as much as 21 pounds of body fat and building lean muscles within 12 weeks, while you only have to workout 21 minutes a day.

The Bodyweight Burn Workouts

The 12 week Bodyweight Burn program uses 3 strategically chosen workout styles for optimal rapid fat loss. It’s called the BW3 Workout System™ and includes the following types of exercises:

Bodyweight Cardioflow Workouts

Bodyweight Cardioflow Workouts are unlike any workout I’ve ever done before. It’s a bodyweight routine that places a series of exercises into one long flowing chain that fits together seamlessly.

Performed for time rather than reps, the goal is continuous, flowing movement with no breaks or rest pauses in between. It’s an excellent tool that burns extra calories while still allowing you to recover from your other intense training sessions. And the faster you recover, the more you can train – which means faster results.

Bodyweight Afterburner Workouts

Afterburner sessions are a unique form of high intensity body weight circuit training. These sessions have been developed to help burn off as much fat as possible in a very short of time. They are intensive, believe me, but they are also great and they help burning fat for about 24-38 hours after finishing the training session.

Bodyweight Metabolic-Muscle Workouts

This type of bodyweight workouts are designed to build or maintain lean muscle tissue. That lean muscle will improve the appearance, help moderate the insulin levels (thus changing the way we store fat), and help eat more calories and burn more fat even while at rest.

Personal Tip: Before you start doing the metabolic-muscle workouts, print out the wall charts. The go to the members are and watch all of the videos for the workouts and only then start doing those sessions. This will make it easier to remember the exercises and complete the session.

Optional with all those workouts you can do a 3 minute warm up before you start them and a 3 minute cool down after you finished them.The exercises for warming up and cooling down are described too and videos can be found within the members area as well.

PHASE 1: Metabolic Base (6 weeks)

Phase one is a 6 day workout plan which does include 2 metabolic-workout sessions, 2 afterburner sessions plus 2 cardioflow workout sessions. The 7th day is a recovery day with no workouts. This 7 day schedule remains the same during the first 6 weeks, but the exercises for the different workout sessions do change.

The goal of phase one is to build lean muscle mass which will begin to turn your body into a more efficient fat burning machine even as it improves the attractiveness of your physique.

You’re also revving up your metabolism and increasing your work capacity with Afterburner Workouts and Cardioflow. Work capacity is an important attribute. It forms the foundation of your fitness, and is a prime necessity regardless of your sport, occupation or lifestyle. Increasing your overall work capacity increases your baseline of fitness, which is the platform upon which specialized skills are developed. The skills and attributes you’re building in Phase 1 will give you the ability to make even faster progress in Phase 2 of Bodyweight Burn.

PHASE 2: Metabolic Explosion (6 weeks)

Phase 2 is also a 7 day schedule with 6 days working out and one recovery day. But in phase 2 you only have the afterburner sessions and the metabolic-workout sessions and the 7 day schedule remains the same for the 6 weeks.

During those 6 weeks you’re raising the stakes. You’re really hammering the Afterburner workouts in this part of the program, so you can take advantage of the EPOC effect. When you hit those Afterburner sessions hard, your body will continue to burn fat for 24 – 38 hours as you recover.

But you’ll only be able to take it to this level if you use every ounce of the firepower you built up in Phase 1 of Bodyweight Burn. Without that work capacity you simply wouldn’t have enough gas in your tank. This is it!

Who Is The Bodyweight Burn Program Right For?

For everyone. That’s my opinion. I’m 44 (2015), had a hip replacement surgery in October 2014 and haven’t had any issues doing these exercises and what I love most is, that I can do them anywhere. I only need an exercise mat and a resistance band for some of the exercises and that’s it.

The program is also great for those who don’t have much time, since a training day only takes about 21-30 minutes of your time.

These workouts are also great if you’re already following another weight training or any other kind of fitness program. Do you enjoy jogging, or some other aerobics-type program? You could add three Metabolic-Muscle workouts per week so you can preserve that all important calorie-burning lean muscle mass.

However, if you look for a program to build muscle mass like a bodybuilder, then this might be not the right one.

The Complete Bodyweight Burn System

The program does include different manuals as well as a huge video library which includes all of the exercises for the 12 week program.

Bodyweight Burn BW3 Workout System Manual:

This is the main manual and does contain every secret you need to melt fat as quickly as possible. It also includes some theory behind the BW3 body weight training plus a step by step guide you can easily follow during the 12 weeks.

Bodyweight Burn Quick Start Guide:

Use this handy list to make sure you have everything you need before you start Bodyweight Burn. You won’t have to stop halfway through because you forgot an important detail. With the BWB Quick Start Guide you’ll be prepared for every step of your journey in advance.

Bodyweight Burn Exercise Manual:

The Exercise Manual contains a complete library of written cues and still photos for every exercise in your Bodyweight Burn program.

Bodyweight Burn Wall Charts:

Hang these “done-for-you” charts next to your training area to help keep you on track. And never waste time looking up exercises once you’ve learned the moves.

BW3 Workout System Integration Guide: 

Do you love the program you’re already using? But you’d like to accelerate your results? Well guess what… all those guys and gals with the best bodies at the gym… chances are they’re using secret-weapon techniques like BW3 workouts to give them the edge. The Integration Guide shows you exactly how to use the BW3 Workout System with ANY other program you’re already using.

Video Library

Here you’ll find all the videos for all the different exercises. You’ll have the choice of either watching them online or downloading them to your computer, so that you can also follow those videos when you don’t have an internet connection. The video library includes:

  • Instructional Videos: Detailed instructions for each of the exercises.
  • Follow Along Videos: These videos include a full 21 minute training session and there are videos for each session from the program. They make it easy to complete those workout sessions.
  • Audios: For all the follow along videos, there are separate audios you can listen to and you can also download them.

Free Bonuses

The program does also come with some free bonuses.

Good Points:

  • No gym equipment or subscription needed
  • Unique and very effective exercises
  • It’s easy to follow
  • It really makes fun performing all those different workout sessions
  • Workouts can be done anywhere
  • Huge library of instructional a follow along videos

Bad Points:

  • For certain people it’s harder to stick to the plan when you do the workouts at home or wherever you do them and they prefer to go to the gym with their friends. If you’re one of those, then this program isn’t for you.
  • No meal plans are given

The Take Away

I truly believe that the Bodyweight Burn program is great. It’s effective and it makes fun. The videos are all of high quality and well done. The exercises are easy to follow and the program has been put together from someone who really understands how to teach. Plus you get a great money back guarantee. So you really don’t risk anything. If you don’t like the program, you can as for a refund. Nothing to lose here.

Bodyweight Burn Guarantee

Time To Get Started

The best time to get started is NOW. Since you’re looking for a fitness program, I recommend that you get this one. You won’t regret it. And then get started TODAY. And Remember: You can do those exercises anywhere and you don’t need any equipment or expensive gym subscription to get fit and to do something for your health.

Click Here To Get Started With Bodyweight Burn Now!


If you have any questions regarding the Bodyweight Burn program, then please leave a comment below and I’ll answer them as good as I can. If you already do those exercises from this program, then please leave a comment too and let us know how you’re doing and if you’re also enjoying them.


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