A Review of Sébastien Noël's Very Own Paleo Recipe Book - Why Would You Want to Have it?

In this short Paleo Recipe Book Review you will find the info you where looking for about one of the best recipe books in this niche and why I think it’s one of the best.

If you do any kind of exercises like bodyweight workout or following another strength training such as the one from the Old School New Body program, then you are already on a good way for a healthy lifestyle. However, this is only one part. If you might already know, exercising isn’t the only thing you should do, especially if you want to lose or keep your weight. Nutrition is extremely important for that as well. If you want to lose weight, than dieting is even more important than exercising. There is a general rule, which says that exercising is only 20% and dieting is 80% of a successful weight loss journey.

A recipe book, such as the paleo recipe book will help you with healthy dieting and it combines very well with any exercises you do. With that being said, let’s look what the book is all about.

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Basic Information About Sébastien’s Paleo Recipe Book

It is an item you will love particularly if you are the type of person who takes health matters seriously, including strictly following a diet. This book is also a good addition to your collection if you want to live a healthy life.

Based from the Paleo diet, the book is designed to offer recipes that use poultry, fish, red meat, vegetables, eggs and fruits. Don’t be surprised if you cannot find any recipe that uses dairy and other bad fats, grains, legumes and sugars in the book.

Everything you will find inside the recipe book is easy to follow and to understand. Hence, you can expect to reach your health level in no time at all. It comes with a lot of easy-to-follow recipes that uses a wide range of foods. Most of all, you will get all health benefits that consumption of Paleolithic food products are associated with.

About the Author – Sébastien Noël

The Paleo Recipe Book is made possible with the efforts and time devoted by Sèbastien Noël. He is the same person behind PaleoLeap.com. The recipe book is created and inspired by what he experienced as a child. He also mentioned something about the subtle health problems he felt back then. But, it was not the last straw that led him to devote his time in making the recipe book. The last straw was when he started suffering from severe migraine. Remembering that experience in mind, he started researching about how he can make himself feel better after a few years.

Even from the start, he believed that most of the root causes of health issues are brought by the lifestyle and diet of a person. Using that belief fuels his work; he eventually developed an excellent approach to nutrition. Everything he found out in those years was preserved in his Paleo Recipe Book. The book was brought by his years of research and learning. He shared this to anyone interested in learning more about optimal health..
The Paleo Recipe Book

Who is the Program for?

As the author of the book, Sébastien understands how challenging it is to prepare a healthy diet for their family. Taking that in mind, he created a Paleo-inspired recipe book designed for those who are interested in starting to live a healthy life. It is also ideal for individuals who are looking for high quality book-containing recipes. As a recipe book, it compiled the best health plans you can find in the market. It is truly a recipe book suitable for every family for all recipes included in it. These are all designed to meet every member’s need for a healthy diet.

What the Paleo Recipe Book Contains

Sébastien’s Paleo Recipe Book is described to be completely charged. This consists of simple and easy to follow yet healthy recipes that reach for 372. More than that, it also comes with a lot of freebies making your investment worthy.

The book is also divided into eighteen categories which includes Fish, Pork, Salads, Poultry, Snacks, Stir Fries, Red Meat, Stews and Curries, Omelets and Eggs, Vegetables and Sides, Offal and Organs, Shellfish and Seafood, etc.

What I Liked About Sébastien Noël’s Paleo Recipe Book

  • Meals that are free of Grains, Dairy, Legumes or Sugar

Most of the meals integrated in the book are free from these ingredients. Some of the ingredients used on the recipes are added with recommended alternative to best suit your taste. Plus, you are given the freedom to use your preferred cooking fat or healthy fat ingredient when preparing meals.

  • Lets You Out of Your Comfort Zones to Explore and Try New Meals

It is one of the things that become a significant part of cooking and nutrition. The book did not only allow give you the opportunity to try new meals and foods. You are also provided with a way on how to fulfill it while providing you and your family with healthy foods to consume. The recipe book includes the standard Chili and Chicken Fajitas and Meatloaf. However, there are more new recipes you can explore and try to prepare yourself. These recipes include Chicken Liver Omelet, Grilled Curried Mussels, Cocoa Cinnamon Baby Back Ribs and more.

Added Extra Bonuses

There are a total of 5 extra bonuses you can get from the Paleo Diet Recipe Book. The bonuses include:

  • An 8-Week Meal Plan: As what’s stated, having your own healthy plan is the key to living a healthy life. The book does not only provide that plan. There is a compilation for you to enjoy.
  • Paleo Desserts: You know you love desserts. Well, there’s no need for you to deprive yourself of these comfort foods. For Sébastien even provided you with a total of 15 extra healthy desert recipes for your comfort.
  • Simple Paleo Meals: Lack of time to prepare healthy meals is when every health issue starts to step in. Avoid preparing unhealthy meals if you know there are simpler and healthier meals to make for the family.
  • Herbs and Spices: Make your meals tastier by knowing the herbs and spices to use
  • Cheat Sheets: These are cheat sheets designed to make every user’s life simpler. It makes you understand the things that are still unclear for you. Plus, it can even be shared to your family members and friends.

More than these added bonuses, the book also comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. Satisfied or not, the book will remain beneficial for you. Plus, were you told that you can bring this paleo diet recipe book anywhere? Yes, it can be viewed on PC, Mac, Android, Kindle, iPhone and iPad!

Get Access To The Paleo Recipe Book Now

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