E-Factor Diet Review

The E-Factor Diet Review – Does It Really Work?


Hey, Daniel here,

and you’re reading my uncensored e-factor diet user review. You’ll discover all the insights about this diet, and how the efactor diet works. But most importantly, you’ll also discover if that diet really works for you.

Losing weight can be a really hard task. Especially when you get older. I can tell you this from my own experience. When I was in my 20’s, It was much easier to eat what I wanted without gaining any weight. After I passed the age of around 35 the same food I was eating when I was in my 20’s made me fat. I really gained a lot of weight (around 30 pounds) and had a hard time losing that again.

However I was able to lose 30 pounds in 2 month and could keep it off. Honestly, I didn’t lose all of that weight because I was following the e-factor diet. When I started losing weight, this diet didn’t exist. I lost most of the weight after I have done my own research. I started drinking a lot of water. I was eating high protein, low carb food and did workout 3 times a week.

The e-factor diet helped me to lose the last 10 pounds from my 30 pounds I lost. Now that I know what to eat and when to eat the different kind of food, it’s easier for me to keep that weight off. And most importantly, I can eat what I enjoy and don’t have to count every calorie. And I can tell you, it makes so much more fun, when you know what you can eat,


Healthy Food

5 Diet Power Foods For Weight Loss


The vast majority of us at the age of 50 plus, more often than not find ourselves at a means to an end when it comes to losing weight. So many of us struggle in particular with the concept that the foundation of successful weight loss falls in the way of a complete lifestyle change. While exercise is of the utmost importance in assisting you in reaching your weight loss goals, it should be taken into serious consideration that going hand-in-hand with exercise, is creating healthy food habits. So many feel that healthy eating is something that doesn’t seem too appealing, however healthy eating is the exact opposite of that. Not only is healthy-eating good for you, but the foods are incredible in flavor!

Here, we will be showing you several examples of delicious and nutritious foods that you can incorporate into your new and improved, healthy lifestyle of being fit after 50!

Let ‘s first start with one super food that is a favorite to many diets, and for good reason! One of the best ways to start your day is with a bowl of oatmeal. Packed with fiber, you’ll end up feeling fuller faster and staying fuller longer. cup of oats has 4.6 grams of a healthy carbohydrate called Resistant Starch that helps to speed up your metabolism while burning fat!

Next up on our list is that of lettuce and additional leafy greens which are a bountiful source of fiber and other essential nutrients. Be sure to steer clear of iceberg lettuce, however, it is loaded with water and boasts almost no nutritional value.


How To Breathe While Exercising

How To Breathe While Exercising


In this short article we are going to look at the importance of how to breathe while exercising.

The most important thing is that you just keep breathing! It sounds simple, but sometimes we get so caught up in the activity that we briefly forget, but failure to breathe makes exercising such as bodyweight workouts so much harder. That painful stitch in your side, for instance, is usually the result of not breathing enough; and, if you are short of breath, you will be tempted to stop your workout sooner than you should.

Opening up your lungs gets oxygen to your system which gets your circulation going. Your blood starts flowing to parts of your body that normally do not get much oxygenated blood. It was recently found that cardiovascular activity increases blood flow to the brain which stimulates the creation of new neurons, even in adults. Yes, that is right: cardio exercise makes you smarter! Constant breathing also helps create that wonderful sense of euphoria that is the reward of challenging physical activity. So, if you are just beginning, simply be conscious of how often you inhale and exhale, even if you are not doing it the way a trainer would recommend.

Remembering how to breathe while exercising should be a part of your pre-workout routine. Take a few moments to center yourself. Stand with your feet roughly shoulder length apart and balance your weight on the balls of your feet. Let your arms hang down from your sides, extending them slightly away from your body. Close your eyes and inhale deeply through your nose. Take about twice as long to exhale.


Healthy Nutrition

Healthy Nutrition Tips For Losing Weight & Burning Fat


Healthy nutrition tips can be complicated. There are a lot of different approaches that can get results when it comes to stripping away body fat, especially over the short term, such as intermittent fasting, or macro nutrient cycling. But not everyone has the time or the desire to follow such programs and they aren’t always practical or even balanced when it comes to your health and well being.

So with these healthy nutrition tips for weight loss we are going to focus on the simple dieting basics for every day eating that can bring about great results when combined with the fitness and exercise tips on this site. When you want to accelerate your results and really go all out for a short period of time every once in awhile, you can change things up to do something like intermittent fasting. This can come in handy when you have an event, such as a wedding or reunion, coming up.

But most of the time, you’re better off following some simple and good nutrition tips and strategies that you can integrate more easily into your daily routine.

You Must Eat More Protein

Most people don’t get enough high quality protein in their diets from sources like lean beef, tuna, chicken, eggs, cottage cheese and a variety of beans. Protein is not only the building blocks of lean muscle tissue, but it also boosts your metabolism, which helps you to burn more calories, thus burning more body fat. Eating protein burns more calories than eating carbohydrates.

You also want to increase your intake of essential fatty acids.


Fat-Burning Training

A Unique And Effective Way Of Fat-Burning


You don’t need cardio any more! Well, not exactly. However, with correct weights training and effective fat burning exercises, you can keep your six-pack stomach without running on that dull treadmill not as often.

It is not interval cardio what I am preaching.  However I can tell you if you follow this method of weight-training, you will get a result same as High Intensity Interval Training. It is called “F4X Method”. It involves moderate weight and high fatigue training. What makes it unique is you have short breaks between sets. In this way, you burn more fat and pump up. Let me tell you how you do it:

First, you need to choose a right weight for you. If you can get 15 reps with it, that is a right one for you. Then do 10 reps and rest 30 seconds, then do 10 reps again and rest. Repeat this for four sets. If you got 10 reps easily, you should increase the weight for the next workout. You may notice those sets are similar to intervals with short breaks. If you want to burn more calories, pace yourself between the sets.

Pathway For Fat-Burning

When you follow this training method, it promotes expansion of myofibrillar and sarcoplasmic and results with muscle growth. Moreover you get huge muscle burn. This pooling of lactic acid gives huge impact on your growth hormone release. Growth hormone (GH) is a powerful fat burner. If you want to whip your GH, get your muscle burn. Other anabolic hormones are increased by GH as well, so both muscle and mighty sinews get the effects.


New You

Built For Life: Best Motto For A New You & Getting Fit Over 40


“Built for Life” is a motto that can really help to transform your life and encourage you/motivate you really pushing forward to the next level and achieving the dream to get fit at 40 plus. This is the type of phrase that has more than one meaning: and all of those meanings are ones you should embrace.

First, there’s the dedication to building yourself up and committing to that process for life. This is definitely a great commitment and it’s one that shows you’re willing to fight for the better things in life to make sure every day, month, and year is the best that it can possibly be. You’re not going to get lazy or use age or time as an excuse for not getting fit over 40.

Then there’s the other obvious way to read the motto “Built for Life,” which is to see the motto as saying you’re built to live your life – that you are building yourself up to enjoy every moment of every day, and that you are here to live, not to sit back and watch life go by passively.

That meaning includes the physical aspect of staying in shape even at an age of 40 plus, but it also goes beyond it to say you’re ready for challenges, you’re ready mentally, you’re ready emotionally, and you’ll make the changes needed to get the most out of every single day. Life may try to beat you down, but you’re dedicating to building yourself up to get the best out of every moment and to keep doing so for the rest of your life.


Workout Soreness

Tuning Up Your Body: The Science Behind Workout Soreness


At the beginning of your fitness journey, it is very likely you hated it more than a little. Being sore after workout causes you a lot of pain. When continuing on with your fitness journey you likely accepted or even welcomed it, for most of us this muscle soreness after workout says you have been working hard and are building greater amounts of muscles. Is this really the whole truth?

Honestly, no study says that hypertrophy and soreness are related. But don’t stop reading right away; sore muscles after workout is still something to strive for because you do get many benefits from this state of being. Before we get into that, you need to know the root causes of muscle soreness or fatigue.

When you do any reps, a bench press, or even a squat you cause micro trauma to the fibers in your muscles. This trauma, which is caused by most strokes in exercise, is thought to be the source of muscle pain.

The repair process for these small or micro tears is though to makes the muscle grow larger. However the trauma applies to the force generating strands of the fiber known as fibrils. These strands cause muscle contractions by latching onto each other and pulling across. Controlling these movements with a negative rep stroke causes friction in these strands – this friction is an attempt to prevent energy, this is believed to be the cause of the micro trauma.

While this is a simplification of the idea, it is enough for you to have a rough understanding. This can cause the appearance of growth,


Dumbbells for Resistance Training

Strength Training Is Right For Those Over 40


If you are over 40, strength training (also called resistance training) is especially important to add to your fitness program if it isn’t already a part of it. Strength training is exercise that causes your muscles to contract against an external resistance. It not only increases your strength but muscle tone and endurance as well.

In essence, resistance training is all about lifting weights to build up your muscles. You can use free weights like dumbbells or hand weights, exercise bands, or even your own body weight. You can even improvise weights with things you find around the house like soup cans or milk jugs.

Using your own body weight is the easiest way to start doing strength training after 40. These exercises do not require long, repetitive workouts. You also don’t need a gym full of fancy equipment either. All you need are yourself and a few simple props such as a chair, a bench, a stool, or the wall to get started. In less than two hours a month, you can start to see results.

One of the major benefits of strength training over 40 is that it causes very little damage to the body compared to other physical activity such as running or biking. Short, intense workouts build muscle up and have shown to reverse aging. Strenuous exercise over long periods of time tears down the body and can speed up the aging process.

The other benefit of strength training at 40 plus is that you can keep doing this training the rest of your life. You can work out at 40,