Lose Weight And Get In Shape With Easy To Follow Kettlebell Workouts For Women And Men

Kettlebell Workouts For Women & Men

Kettlebell workouts and training with kettlebells in general has long been a tradition in Russia. It’s been recently popularized in the United States thanks to the effort of former Soviet Special Forces and RKC, Pavel Tsatsouline and Dragon Door Publishing.

Beginner Kettlebell Workout for Women & Men for Total Body Toning

And thank goodness, too, because kettlebell training combined with bodyweight training is one of the best ways to build a long, lean, strong physique, not to mention develop incredible power, conditioning and overall fitness and athleticism. It’s a do it all training tool that takes up very little space (a kettlebell is basically a bowling ball with a handle on top) and can be used basically anywhere.

With one kettlebell you can get a full body workout to improve your strength, power, explosiveness, and conditioning while also burning fat, boosting your metabolism and building lean, sexy muscle. And you can do it in a relatively short time. No more sixty or ninety minute workouts six days per week and no more aerobics! Amen!

Many kettlebell workouts work the entire body with a particular focus on the legs, lower back, and shoulders. This includes the most basic and popular kettlebell exercises such as the kettlebell swing, snatch and clean and jerk.

So can you get fit with just kettlebells? A Siberian scientist by the name of Shevtsova (1953) followed seventy-five experienced (three to five years) kettlebell users and found a long term decrease in blood pressure and heart rate. In fact, the average resting heart rate was an amazing 56 beats per minute!

If you want to be lean, fit and well conditioned forget boring cardio and grab a kettlebell!

Kettlebells, because of the unique exercises you can do, such as swings and the Turkish Get Up, is a great tool for loosening up the traditionally tight areas we all share, such as the hips, back and shoulders. Kettlebells make every day activities much easier!

If you want an incredibly simple (not easy) kettlebell training routine you can do three times per week in less than 20 minutes and still see unbelievable results, then the kettlebell swing is for you! The kettlebell swing is the foundation of all kettlebell workouts. Senior RKC instructor and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu World Champion Steve Maxwell has said that the performing the kettlebell swing with perfect form is more effective than 99 percent of all the sophisticated and complicated strength and conditioning programs in existence.

Core Kettlebell Workouts

The core Kettlebell training routine that Pavel recommends focuses on the kettlebell swing and is called The Man Maker, and yes, it’s for women, too! Kettlebell swings are easy to do and they are great ketllebell workouts for women and men, doesn’t matter what age you are. I personally had to do the kettlebell swings as one of the training to get fit after my hip replacement surgery and those swings where really good to get my hip muscles back to where they were before the surgery. So, let’s keep on looking at the kettlebell swing.

The Man Maker is simply this. Perform as many kettlebell swings as possible in twelve minutes, resting whenever you need to. For your rest period do not just stand there. If you are outside, jog (slowly). If you are inside, jog in place, do jumping jacks or even use a jump rope.

Don’t always go all out on your swings until you have to put it down. You’ll get more total swings in your 12 minute workout if you go hard on each set but not all out.

Over time, try and pack more swings into the 12 minutes. As your strength, power and conditioning improve you may want to gradually move up the time until you hit 20 minutes. You can also get a heavier kettlebell.

This simple workout is based upon a core principle in a lot of effective kettlebell training workouts and that is doing more work in a certain period of time (or less time), such as the total number of swings in 12 minutes.

Or performing a certain number of reps, or rounds (if using multiple kettlebell exercises) and trying to improve upon your time, such as setting a goal of 200 repetitions of kettlebell swings as quickly as possible.

These two concepts of density training and a kettlebell, will get you the lean, fit physique everyone will admire, not to mention improve your conditioning to obscene levels as well as improve your quality of movement, making everything about life easier.

Here’s a good video about how to do the kettlebell swing right:

There are plenty of other fantastic kettlebell exercises you can use as well, if you like more variety or want to make sure to hit the entire body.

Great Kettlebell Exercises Include the Following:

  • Goblet Squat
  • Snatch
  • Clean and Jerk
  • Turkish Get Up
  • Split Squat
  • Rack and Goblet Lunges, Forward, Backward and Lateral
  • Romanian Deadlift
  • Push Press
  • One Legged Deadlift
  • Suitcase Deadlift
  • Carry
  • Push Press

Here are two simple kettlebell workout routines, one for time and one for rounds.

Routine 1 – Perform as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes

Snatch – 5 reps (per arm)
Clean – 5 reps (per arm)
Push Press – 5 reps (per arm)
Two Handed Swing – 8 reps
Goblet Squat – 5 reps

Routine 2 – Perform 5 rounds for time, resting when needed

Snatch – 5 reps (right arm)
Push Press – 5 reps (right arm)
High Pull – 5 reps (right arm)
One Arm Swing 5 reps (right arm)
Now go back and do the same thing with the left arm. Once that is complete hit 10 reps of the Goblet Squat. Then start round 2.

Obviously adjustments will have to be made based on your current conditioning and strength levels. You could do the first one for only 5 minutes and / or reduce the number of repetitions. For the second, you could only do two or three rounds to start and / or reduce the number of repetitions.

Featured Video: Easy To Follow 10 Min. Kettlebell Workouts for Women & Men

If you think about starting with kettlebell training or if you just started it, make sure, that you always warm up before you start with the exercises. If you’re young and healthy, you won’t think about warming up and you might even think, that’s not necessary for you. But believe me. Warming up before doing any exercises or workouts is a MUST for everyone. Follow the warm up they show in this video. It’s really good and so important you’re doing that. Enjoy and have fun!

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