Old School New Body F4X Training System Review – Is It The Real Deal?

Last Updated: 08/19/2016. Warning: If you love to spend several hours every day on weight training, than this is definitely not for you and you can skip my honest Old School New Body Review.

But if you would like to find out if this top selling and much talked about bodyshaping system is actually going to work for you, than my uncut review will be what you have been looking for. However, if you want to visit the Old School New Body’s official website, then click here.

I bought the Old School New Body F4X program myself, tested it and I’m still using it and I really LOVE it!

If you want to get the program your self, than you should go through my review. You’ll get all the info you need to know from a guy who is actually doing those workouts to lose weight, burn fat, shape up the body and to build lean muscle.

I won’t go through my story. You can read more on my About Me page if you like. I’m also not a big fan of writing an introduction or selling you on the program, since you’re most likely here to learn more about it. With that being said, let’s get started to look at it immediately.

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What Exactly Is the Old School New Body F4X Training System All About?

This system is all about weight lifting training. It has its own unique way to perform all those weight lifting exercises. What I like most about it is, that it includes exercises for all levels and all age groups. So you can do them if you’re in the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and also if you’re a Senior.

It also includes a lot of detailed information about dieting, working out (for all levels), building muscle, getting motivated, supplements and advanced training to name just the most important ones. The information about all these topics is really good and detailed. However, this program doesn’t include any meal plans. It has a lot of recommendations about what to eat and what you shouldn’t eat, but you have to create your own meal plan.

Why Is It Called Old School New Body?

To make a long story short, the name comes from workout routines used by a leading Hollywood fitness trainer of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s who has been teaching and using this method. After he passed away, Steve got his hands on these methods because all of his belongings are being stored at the IM Warehouse, where Steve works. Steve revised the methods with recent science and started using them him self and was extremely surprised about the results. Becky started using them and saw incredible results too. They had others (between age of 20 – 50) trying it and each one reported great results too – all with no joint stress, since these workouts are moderate-weight, high-fatique methods instead of doing workouts with heavy weights.

Since Steve and Becky felt like having a new body using these workouts, they called the program Old School New Body.

What Does the F4X Mean?

In a nutshell, F4X stands for Focus-4-Exercises and it’s based on the 4 key moves, which appear on all of the workouts within the system. These four key moves are:

  • Squats (dumbbells at sides of thighs)
  • Incline presses or flat-bench presses or push ups
  • Bent-over rows (two-arm or one arm at the time versions)
  • Dumbbell upright rows

Who Is the Author?

The author of this complete program is Steve Holman, one of the fittest individuals in the world. He authored the program with the help of his wife, Becky Holman, and his friend and fitness expert John Rowley. Additionally, Rowley has included interviews with other leading members of the field. Those include insight from Kristi Frank, a renowned health and beauty expert; Shawn Phillips, a veteran fitness expert and author; Jennifer Nicole Lee, a super-fitness model and motivational speaker; Tom Venuto a natural body builder and author of the best-selling book The Body Fat Solution; and Bill Phillips, fitness author of #1 New York Times Best Seller, Body-for LIFE.

The author, Steve Holman and his co-author Becky Holman have put together a complete system that provides for diet, strength building, general fitness, and youthful appearance. Steve and Becky have used the program for ten years and, although they’re in their 50s, they both appear strong, beautiful, sculpted, svelte, and vibrant as if they were only thirty years-of-age!

Steve has been interested in fitness for over thirty years and he is the Editor-in-Chief of Iron Man Magazine, the leading fitness periodical in the nation. Both Becky and he have seriously studied the writings of the late Vince Gironda, the former leading Hollywood trainer. And they have added Gironda’s time-tested expertise to their extensive experience in the fitness field.

How Does the Old School New Body F4X Training System Work?

Old School New Body ProgramThe main program is presented in an eBook which contains 101 Pages divided in 14 chapters.

The basics of the workout program, which is the F4X Training, constitute four fundamental exercises. Those exercises are squats, incline or flat bench presses (which can be replaced with push ups, should you not have a bench), bent-over rows, and dumbbell upright rows. The exercises are recommended at varying and progressing intervals, repetitions, and sets, depending on your shape and experience. However, the combined exercises only take less than ninety minutes per week. Steve’s philosophy that he firmly lives by is, “Exercise hard for a short amount of time.”

Additionally the program provides advice for proper nutritional intake – what you should and shouldn’t eat, how much you should eat, and when you should eat it. However, this is not a diet plan; it is a complete way of life that is purported to make you feel and look years younger with a healthier body and a zestful outlook on life. You don’t simply look better, but you feel much better as well!

Next to the main eBook you’ll also receive 5 additional special reports as eBooks:

  • The Quick Start Workout Guide
  • Ultimate Fat-Burning Secrets ( 11 Pages ) – Get Leaner and do it Faster Than Ever!
  • Ultimate Health & Happiness Secrets ( 11 Pages ) – Simple Steps To A More Energetic, Healthy, And Happy Life!
  • Ultimate Muscle-Building Secrets ( 8 Pages ) – Gain Lean Muscle And Do It Faster Than Ever!
  • Ultimate Sex And Anti-Aging Secrets ( 12 Pages ) – Greater Intimacy and Youthful Vigor at Any Age!

The program is segmented into three phases:

Phase One, F4X LEAN: This is a great phase if you just get started with weight lifting and working out. You can even remain on the Lean Workout phase all your life and reap all of the amazing benefits of moderate-poundage, growth-threshold weight training. Combined with the nutritional recommendations within the program, you can easily lose a lot of weight and get your body in shape. The average workout time for this phase is around 90 minutes per week, which is divided in working out 3 times a week with 30 minutes training each time. For example: You would do 30 minutes workouts on Monday, 30 minutes workouts on Wednesday and 30 minutes workouts on Friday. On each of those weight training days you will do the same workouts, which are the basic exercises described above.

If you’re a complete beginner, or haven’t done any weight lifting or workouts for a very long time, or if you completely out of shape, then Steve recommends to start with even less repetitions than they actually recommend doing. And they give examples for that as well. That makes it a great program for everyone.

After you have gone through the Lean phase for a while and you feel like you want to do more, you can go to the F4X Shape phase.

Phase Two, F4X SHAPE: This phase is a bit more extensive and does require more workouts from you, but you still workout only 3 days a week, like you did in the Lean phase. The difference is, that the workout time takes now around 1 hour each day you do them. The reason why it takes more time is because the goal of the Shape phase is adding a bit more shapely muscle and to continue to shed off that belly fat.

That way you can maintain the weight you desire and add strong, lean muscle to give you that svelte, sculpted appearance of an Olympic swimmer. The advantage here is dependent upon one of the key properties of muscle: the more muscle you have, the more it burns calories, even during sleep. So during this phase you stimulate your fat burning machine and develop a more sculpted look.

Another difference to the Lean phase are the workouts. You won’t do the same workouts on each day you do the weight training. There is a separate training plan with different exercises for each training session. The main plan requires some more equipment or you might want to go to the gym for that. However, as described below in this review, the program does include a workout at-home plan in chapter 8 which also includes workout exercises for the Shape phase. So with that, you still can do all the training from the comfort of your own home if you wish to do that and that’s also the one I’m doing myself.

Personal note: You could do the Lean phase in autumn and winter and then going for the Shape phase in spring and summer to get the body in even better shape for the beach 🙂

Phase Three, F4X BUILD: This phase goes into a more extreme muscle building type of workouts which will bulk up slightly to give you somewhat of an appearance of a bodybuilder, but still nothing grotesque or excessive. During this phase you will workout much more and more often. The weight training does contain many more exercises and it’s being done on 4 days each week and on each weight training day you will perform different exercises and work on different muscle parts of your body.

Monday you perform workouts for Chest, Back and Abs. Tuesday for Quads, Hamstrings and Calves. Wednesday for Shoulders and Arms. Friday for Legs, Chest and Back.

For the Build phase you will need the right equipment. If you have the room and money you can either buy them or just go to the gym, they will have all of them to do all of the workouts for this phase.

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What Does the F4X Quick Start Workout Guide Include?

F4X Quick Start Workout GuideThe quick start guide is a summary of the F4X training system with all the different workout levels; Lean, Shape, Build. So you get a nice overview of the different workouts for each level. This makes it easy to decide for which one you want to go. When you have chosen your workout level, you can easily print it out and take it to the workout room as reference.

The quick start guide is a nice add-on which I really like, since I prefer to have a quick reference at my side when I do the workouts. I always make notes on this guide after working out, so that I have something to track my results, not only in my head and on my body, but also on paper. Old School, I know 🙂

Do You Need A Gym Subscription to Follow the Program?

Short answer: NO! You don’t need to go to the gym for those workouts and following the program. All you need is a selectorized dumbbell set and an adjustable bench. if you just getting started with working out and choose to follow the F4X Lean Workouts, with which I begun too, than you don’t even need a bench, since you can replace the presses with pushups. They even included some tips on how to perform the workouts for the Lean phase without using any dumbbells (can be found in chapter 2).

There is even a complete chapter dedicated to working out at home. It’s Chapter 8 and it’s called: The F4X All-Dumbbell Workout – Instant At-Home, New-Body Solution. It contains many different workouts you can do with dumbbells and you don’t even need a bench for them. The only downside of that is, that these workouts are limited to two phases, the Lean phase and the Shape phase. If you’re like me and you’re not interested into the extreme muscle building, than this isn’t even a downside!

Who Is the Old School New Body F4X Training System Right For?

For everyone. This is my opinion. I’m using it and I love it. I’m 44 (2015), had a hip replacement surgery in October 2014 and these workouts are great. They also do not take a lot out of my hip and other joints. Even my wife, which is 13 years younger than me, started with those workouts and she loves them too. And I can tell you, she normally hates working out more than anything else and I never thought that I could get her started with them. But now she really loves it and shes sometimes even more motivated doing them than I am 🙂

Overall, I really believe this is a beneficial program for everyone, women and men, one of the most beneficial, all-encompassing systems of fitness and health, especially for those over 40. There are many helpful programs out there for diet, muscle development, fitness, and general health enhancement. Systems range from relaxation programs, hypnosis, yoga, Pilates, resistance bands, weight training, Atkins, Nutrisystem, Crossfit, vegetarian diets, and even Brazilian Butt Lift. And although this program is by no means a silver bullet to perfection, I believe it’s the most comprehensive program for a combination of weight loss, muscle building, and overall health.

Good Points:

  • This 14 chapter book is well organized and easy to read.
  • The diet system is similar to the Paleo Diet, natural, quick, and effective.
  • There’s no need to enroll in an expensive gym program. You can work out at home, three times per week, develop muscle, and burn fat.
  • The full for-set sequence exercises can be done in less than 30 minutes, which is one training set for a day.
  • You don’t need expensive equipment. All you need is a selectorized dumbbell set.
  • In chapter two are even some tips for workouts included which you can do without dumbbells.
  • Easy to follow workouts which can be done by anyone. Age doesn’t matter at all!
  • Joint gentle exercises, which was important for me because of the hip replacement surgery I had and the overall bad joint health I have.
  • Good explanation about nutrition and dieting in general.

Bad Points:

  • No Videos. I really was missing some instruction videos, which would have been great, since I love to watch how the workouts have do be done correctly instead of just reading about it.
  • No mention of warming up before starting the weight training. Since I have done sport most of the time in my life, it was going without saying for me to warm up before doing the workouts.
  • No meal plan and no recipes. Yea, there is no meal plan and no recipes included, except a small plan of what Steve, Becky and John eat. It’s not dramatically since there are detailed information about eating, but it would have been nice to get at least a meal plan to start with.

The Take Away

I truly believe that the Old School New Body F4X Training System is the most effective workout plan available. I’m especially impressed with the quickness and ease in which you can safely and naturally lose weight and getting in shape. The muscle building aspect is a plus, but not a necessity. You can simply go through the first two phases (Lean & Shape) of the program, lose weight, and develop that sculpted, toned, fit body that you’ve always wanted. It’s even mentioned by Steve himself, that you can remain on Phase one for as long as you like or forever.

These 14 chapters and free add-ons can produce results that will have you looking and feeling like a twenty year-old. In addition, you get valuable advice for anti-aging, pain relief, improved sexual performance, injury treatment, and motivation. The program is effective for shedding those unhealthy, unsightly pounds. And the amazing fact is that the core of the system was developed in the mid-1900s by one of the leading Hollywood fitness instructors of the period.

This was a man who lived the life of fitness and he knew how to do it quickly and easily without spending hours in the gym. In fact, this program only requires 90 minutes of your time per week, while you perform the exercises three times (30 minutes training each time) during a week. The key is to follow the simple eating recommendations. Actually those recommendations don’t even seem like a diet. You drink plenty of water – eight to ten glasses each day, and you get plenty of delicious food throughout each day. But it’s the right food which makes it to work so effectively. Yes, this plan is the best answer to youthful health and appearance!

Got any questions? Or maybe you need some help? Drop me a line or leave a comment below.

Time to Get Started

Remember: You can do all of the workouts at the comfort of your own home. You don’t need to buy a monthly gym membership. All you will need are some dumbbells So, go ahead, click on the Get Access Now button below and make the first step to a new you!Get Access To Old School New Body Now

After you got the program or if you own it already and you’re doing the workouts of any phase, please leave a comment on how you’re doing and how it’s working for you, so that others read about your results too.


11 thoughts on “Old School New Body F4X Training System Review – Is It The Real Deal?

  1. - Reply

    I’m 62 years old, need to lose 30 lbs plus tone up. I haven’t worked out in years. Will this work for me??? Are there any photos, testimonials about this method?

    1. - Reply

      Hi Leslie

      If you follow the program and are ready to put in the work, then it will work. 99% of the time if a program like that doesn’t work than it’s because people just try it for a day or week and then give up. If you stick to program and make it your new lifestyle then it definitely will work.

      I hope that helps.


  2. - Reply

    I’m female 66 and vegetarian, will it work for me?

  3. - Reply

    I need to lose 5 kilos. How quickly will I accomplish this?

    1. - Reply

      Hi Sophie

      It depends on you how quickly you’ll accomplish this. The better you follow a plan, the faster ou’ll lose the 5 kilos.


  4. - Reply

    Can I print the book from the computer

    1. - Reply

      Hi Judy

      Yes, you can print the book from your computer. I did the same and printed the important pages as well as the training plan.


  5. - Reply

    Can I get the information in book form rather than PDF?

    1. - Reply

      Hi Karen

      I’m sorry, but the information are only available in digital form (PDF ebook).


  6. - Reply

    Great review.

    I’m using the program also. And am quite happy with it.

    54 y.o. former Marine here. I don’t have time to be a gym rat. So I need maximum results with minimum time expended. This program provides that and more if desired.

    1. - Reply

      Thanks a lot. I much appreciate your kind words.

      Nice to see that you like the program too. Thank you for the feedback.

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