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5 Diet Power Foods For Weight Loss


The vast majority of us at the age of 50 plus, more often than not find ourselves at a means to an end when it comes to losing weight. So many of us struggle in particular with the concept that the foundation of successful weight loss falls in the way of a complete lifestyle change. While exercise is of the utmost importance in assisting you in reaching your weight loss goals, it should be taken into serious consideration that going hand-in-hand with exercise, is creating healthy food habits. So many feel that healthy eating is something that doesn’t seem too appealing, however healthy eating is the exact opposite of that. Not only is healthy-eating good for you, but the foods are incredible in flavor!

Here, we will be showing you several examples of delicious and nutritious foods that you can incorporate into your new and improved, healthy lifestyle of being fit after 50!

Let ‘s first start with one super food that is a favorite to many diets, and for good reason! One of the best ways to start your day is with a bowl of oatmeal. Packed with fiber, you’ll end up feeling fuller faster and staying fuller longer. cup of oats has 4.6 grams of a healthy carbohydrate called Resistant Starch that helps to speed up your metabolism while burning fat!

Next up on our list is that of lettuce and additional leafy greens which are a bountiful source of fiber and other essential nutrients. Be sure to steer clear of iceberg lettuce, however, it is loaded with water and boasts almost no nutritional value.


Healthy Nutrition

Healthy Nutrition Tips For Losing Weight & Burning Fat


Healthy nutrition tips can be complicated. There are a lot of different approaches that can get results when it comes to stripping away body fat, especially over the short term, such as intermittent fasting, or macro nutrient cycling. But not everyone has the time or the desire to follow such programs and they aren’t always practical or even balanced when it comes to your health and well being.

So with these healthy nutrition tips for weight loss we are going to focus on the simple dieting basics for every day eating that can bring about great results when combined with the fitness and exercise tips on this site. When you want to accelerate your results and really go all out for a short period of time every once in awhile, you can change things up to do something like intermittent fasting. This can come in handy when you have an event, such as a wedding or reunion, coming up.

But most of the time, you’re better off following some simple and good nutrition tips and strategies that you can integrate more easily into your daily routine.

You Must Eat More Protein

Most people don’t get enough high quality protein in their diets from sources like lean beef, tuna, chicken, eggs, cottage cheese and a variety of beans. Protein is not only the building blocks of lean muscle tissue, but it also boosts your metabolism, which helps you to burn more calories, thus burning more body fat. Eating protein burns more calories than eating carbohydrates.

You also want to increase your intake of essential fatty acids.