The Best Leg Workouts For Women For Sexy Legs

Leg Workouts For Women

What goes around comes around and fashion is no different. The roaring twenties, the hippy seventies and today, what do they all have in common? Short skirts, short dresses and short shorts. Who doesn’t want to put on a pair of those trendy denim cut-offs that just keep coming back year after year and then actually be able to look at yourself in the mirror and see long toned legs, “legs for days”, or a nice set of pins. In summer everything is so easy and casual. It’s warm, you just want to get out there and take advantage of each and every day and to put on a pair of shorts in summer and walk out the door is the most effortless fashion statement possible. But to look good in those shorts you want to make sure you are doing specially designed leg workouts for women.

The Best Leg Workouts For Women

So what are the best leg workouts for women? You really want a variety of exercises that are going to tone the muscle for good shape and even thighs and calves as well as burn off the fat which will help you see that tone below the fat. Probably the squat is the exercise you thought of first and these are great. You can do them normally to work the top of the legs or wider to work the back of the leg and even the bum.

So now you know how to work the top and back, don’t forget about the sides. To do this you want exercises that lift the leg using the thigh but incorporate side-to-side movements or a combination if you want to work every side of the thigh all at once. Leg circles and standing leg lifts are great for this. For added hip flexibility you could do fire hydrants or fire hydrants with a kick and for added cardio and plyometrics, skater hops.

There are also leg workouts for women at the gym you can do too, just hop on the abductor/adductor machine for the inside and outside of the thighs, or the leg press machine; it’s like squatting while sitting on your bum, too easy. But if you can’t get the gym, it is very much possible to do leg workouts for women at home just using gravity and your own body weight. Kickbacks, leg thrusts, leg thrusts with a twist, side leg lifts, bent kicks, and the list is endless.

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Your legs are the biggest muscle group in your whole body; they should be, because they need to hold you up all day. Women, unlike men, hold most of the weight on their lower body, so even with strong, toned thighs and legs; a lot of this shapeliness is lost under the fat. Exercise is great because it increases your fitness, but for a body that truly reflects your health you need to eat right too. The Venus Factor Diet has been specially formulated for women so that, along with good leg workouts for women, you are eating the best foods to promote fat loss for women.

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