Bodyweight Strength Training Benefits For Women

Bodyweight Strength Training Benefits for Women

Resistance strength training is definitely the number one exercise for a stronger, healthier body, and the most efficient fat loss. And if most of your life you have overlooked training regimens that required no exercise equipment, you are not alone. The traditional school of thought was that weights and resistance training products were needed to reach maximum levels of physical fitness. But that is just not true. Aside from requiring very little time and no fitness equipment, using your body weight for strength training provides the following benefits for women.

There Is No One to Judge You

Gyms and health clubs can be intimidating. All those toned, fit ladies might make it hard for you to keep focused on your own fitness goals. Since you can perform bodyweight training exercises in the comfort and privacy of your home whenever you have time, you can work at your own pace. This also results in fewer strength training injuries, since you are not pushing yourself to try to keep up with those around you.

Strength Training Is Portable and Versatile

Whether you are a woman that is young or old, physically fit or weak, pregnant, recovering from an injury or illness, or you suffer from a physical handicap, bodyweight strength training can be adapted into an experience that is entirely unique for you. Since you are using your body weight as resistance to strengthen your muscles, elevate your heart rate and burn fat and calories, there is no limit to the number of exercises you can perform. And you take your body with you wherever you go, so this wonderful total body workout is portable as well.

Strength Training Fits the Busy (and Lazy) Woman’s Schedule

If you are a busy globetrotting CEO of a Fortune 500 company with no time on your hands, then bodyweight training is perfect for you. And if you have nothing but free time, you can adjust your bodyweight strength training regimen to fit your lifestyle as well. And you never again have to rush to the gym or health club in the hopes that you can arrive when the machines are free. Working out on your time and your schedule is an extremely attractive benefit that bodyweight training provides today’s busy (or not so busy) woman.

Bodyweight Training Can Prevent Osteoporosis

Bodyweight training is the perfect exercise for women to reduce the chance of developing osteoporosis (porous, fragile bones) by strengthening their bones. Women have a much greater risk for contracting osteoporosis than men do. And the older you are, the greater your risk. Starting at around 30 years of age, women actually begin to lose a small portion of their bone density every year. Since bodyweight strength training increases bone density and strength, it is uniquely important for women to include in their daily and weekly regimen.

The easiest way to get started with bodyweight training is by following a program. One which I can highly recommend is Bodyweight Burn. You can get more info about that on my Bodyweight Burn Review page. Should you have passed the age of 50, then I recommend you check out my 50 Fit Review.

Here’s a beginners workout video to get you started. Enjoy.

Beginners Body Weight Exercises for Women – Whole Body Strengthening Routine

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