Build A Lean Body With Bodyweight Training

Lean Body

Bodyweight training is very underrated as a tool when it comes to building a long, lean, fit physique. We aren’t talking about old school calisthenics like back in gym class. This is far more than jumping jacks and stretching. With bodyweight exercises you can get lean, fit, strong and powerful while burning fat and even building lean, shapely muscle.

Bodyweight training provides you the ability to work out anywhere at anytime, no matter what. And you can do them without the need of any gym equipment.

Body weight training is real functional training, not silly stuff like trying to do the dumbbell bench press while balancing on a Swiss exercise ball (silly, ineffective and dangerous!).

If you don’t think you can get strong with bodyweight exercises, try doing a one handed push up in perfect form, arm in beside the body, feet together, slow and controlled. Or a true one legged squat, butt to the floor. Or how about a one handed handstand push up? Or a full range of motion super strict, one arm pull up? Yes, you can get really strong with just bodyweight workout! Most strong looking bodybuilders can’t do any of this. It’s a lot easier to lie on a bench and push up a barbell than it is to move your body through space on a one handed push up.

What about burning fat or bodyweight fitness and conditioning? Well, for starters you could try and hit a workout of 400 Hindu Squats and 200 Hindu Push Ups in as little time as possible. Or do the same with 100 burpees.

If you’re not convinced about the effectiveness of bodyweight training, you just read the above and didn’t try any of it! Bodyweight training flat out works! It has all the same benefits of kettlebell training and in fact, kettlebell training and bodyweight training combined is probably the ultimate training program for a lean, fit, rugged and sexy body!

There are hundreds of effective bodyweight workout circuit training exercises, depending on your goals. You’ll never get bored with your routines. The same training principle of density training with kettlebells is extremely effective with bodyweight training as well. Plus, you can combine the two.

Most bodyweight exercises also have progressions and regressions based on your strength levels and training goals. With squats, you have regular bodyweight squats, narrow stance, wide stance, lateral moving squats, wall sits, jump squats, 180 degree jump squats, tuck squats and more. Push ups have regular push ups, T-push ups, spiderman push ups, clap push ups, explosive push ups, and more as well.

Remember the Hindu Squats and Push Ups example above? The “starter” version of that is 200 regular bodyweight squats and 100 push ups for time. The only rule is that you do twice as many squats as push ups for each set. So you might start out with 20 squats. You’d then have to do 10 push ups before going back to squats.

You could make this a combined kettlebell bodyweight workout by doing kettlebell swings instead of bodyweight squats. Or, do goblet squats with a kettlebell. Or you could do all three and perform another great version of density training that works really well with bodyweight and kettlebells and that’s the ‘Countdown’ workout.

Here’s an example using those three exercises. Do 12 swings, 1 bodyweight squat and 12 push ups. Then do 11 swings, 2 squats and 11 push ups. Keep going until it becomes 1 swing, 12 squats and 1 push up. If you’re in good enough shape, work your way back up.

You can do pretty much an endless number of workouts this way.

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