Beginner Bodyweight Workout – Introduction To Bodyweight Training

Bodyweight Training

Bodyweight training is a great way to strengthen your core. It also promotes heart health, improves your circulatory and respiratory systems, burns fat and calories and promotes overall health. And since there is no equipment needed to get started, you do not have to purchase an expensive gym membership or home fitness equipment. This form of exercise can be customized for anyone, including your unique situation.

What Exactly Is Bodyweight Training?

Tough Bodyweight Exercises

Body weight training uses your body to create resistance, instead of weights or equipment. If you have ever performed a push-up or pull-up, you have experienced bodyweight training. By performing different exercises which stress your muscles and elevate your heart rate, and doing so quickly with little rest between repetitions and sets, you burn fat and calories efficiently while developing a strong, healthy body.

How Can I Get Started?

While you can purchase equipment (pull-up bar, exercise mat, dumbbell set) that complements bodyweight exercises, you need nothing more than your own body to begin. You will need a large enough area to comfortably move from one exercise to the next safely. And you should wear loose, comfortable clothing. But those requirements and a little guidance are all you need to experience the efficient muscle building and toning benefits that bodyweight exercises deliver.

Simple Bodyweight Beginners Workout

Here is a very basic bodyweight workout for beginners. At first glance, it may appear to be extremely easy. But don’t be fooled. When you perform these exercises with little or no rest between them, your session can become very challenging.

If you do not feel you are pushed hard enough, add repetitions. And if this initial workout is too challenging, cut back on your reps. Move from exercise to the next without pausing. When you have performed all 5 exercises, rest for 1 or 2 minutes. Perform this set 3 times. (YouTube is a great site for video explanations of these exercises.)

10 Lunges

A lunge is performed with hands on your hips, and your feet positioned roughly as wide as your shoulders. Step forward with your right leg while you slowly lower your body. When your left knee nearly touches the floor, return to your starting position. Repeat with your left leg for one repetition.

10 Sit-Ups

Lie on your back, with your legs bent slightly at the knee. Place your hands at the sides of your waist. Slowly pull your upper body forward and up. Pause and return to the starting position for one repetition. This is a basic sit-up.

10 Push-Ups

To perform a push-up, lie face down on the floor. Place your hands outside of your shoulders, palms down. Push-up, keeping your back and legs firm and straight. Lower, pause, and return to the up position for one repetition.

10 Body Weight Squats

For a body weight squat, start off just like you do for a lunge. Squat down while you bend at the hips, and keep your back straight. Your head should be up and facing forwards. Lower until your thighs are level with the floor, and return to starting position for one repetition.

10 Jumping Jacks

For jumping jacks, stand with your feet together and arms at your sides. Push up off of the floor. Land with your feet separated wider than your shoulders, and your arms meeting straight over your head. Quickly return to the starting position for one repetition.

Bodyweight Training Program

To come up with new variations of bodyweight exercises or creating your own bodyweight training program could become a difficult task. If you would like to follow a good program, then go an have a look at my detailed bodyweight burn review. I like that program. It’s easy to follow, has a lot of different exercises and plans plus you can access it from any device.

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