Ab Workouts For Women: 5 Easy To Follow Exercise Videos

Ab Workouts For Women

Did you know that ab workouts for women differ from those for men, or has it come as a surprise to you? The main reason behind this is because men usually want bulky six-pack ab muscles, whereas women wish for a flatter stomach and those firm and sexy abs. This explains why the workouts are different, as both wish to achieve contrasting results. Discover the different ab workouts for women and be sure to have a try and get one step closer to obtaining a flatter stomach with those sexy abs!

Get A Flat Stomach With These Ab Exercises For Women

Standard Sit Up

The typical ab workout for women is the standard sit up. This is ever so easy and requires no further explanation. However, this workout is somewhat useless for getting six pack abs. When obtaining only the standard six-pack, it is important that you know this only works the middle abdominal muscles and not the oblique. However, it’s the firm oblique muscles you ladies want so the best advice would be to ignore the standard sit up workout. There are many good ab workouts for women who wish to develop a wonderful midsection and strengthen their abdominal muscles. There are certain ab exercises for women that are specifically designed to acquire definition and tightness for a woman’s body. Best ab workouts for women include:

  • Bicycle crunches
  • Hanging knee raise sprinting
  • Decline crunch
  • Fitness ball crunches

The bicycle crunches exercise is the most effective of abs workout for women. It works both the lower and upper abdominals and is the form of exercise that tenses the abdominal muscles the most. The key for carrying out the exercise correctly is to focus on breathing and the abdomen. Whilst one leg is bent, the other should be extended out and the opposite elbow should be touched to the leg that is bent. This should perform a twisting crunch and the same thing should be done to the other side; without making the upper backdrop back down. The best lower ab workouts for women include the handing knee raise. This is achieved by holding onto a bar above the head and gently lifting the legs by tightening the abdominal muscles. You need to be sure you are not swinging your legs and must tense your abs and stay in a controlled motion through the entire workout.

Sprinting exercises are a brilliant way to strengthen abdominal muscles and produce abs that are both strong and flat. With this activity, you can easily lose weight and burn calories incredibly fast. If your daily workout routine contains running and sprinting, this will give you fabulous abs as well as a superb daily exercise to carry out. The decline crunch exercise is perfect if you wish for a stronger midsection. Sit-ups or crunches carried out on a decline board are the best way to get some flat and sexy abs. This also helps build a powerful midsection and there are a variety of ways one can carry out workouts on a decline board:

  • Full sit-ups
  • Slow declines
  • Changing height of decline board
  • Adding weights to the chest

With the fitness ball crunches exercise, this targets the abs directly and takes the pressure off the back. In order to get extraordinary results, it is best to carry out the exercise correctly and repeatedly.

Video: 6 Pack Abs Workout For Women

Best Results

In order to ensure you get the best results from such workouts, it is important you work both the lower and upper abdominal muscles, as this gives absolute strength and power. You also need to ensure you warm up before beginning any kind of ab exercises and you also need to stretch both before and after the workout. For supreme results, a well-balanced work routine and diet must be maintained.

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