Bodyweight Workout - One Of The Best Training Exercises To Lose Weight, Get In Shape And Build A Lean Body

Bodyweight Training

Despite the fact that there is an incredible amount of fitness information available from magazines to books to videos, not to mention the internet with blogs, You Tube, podcasts and more, it seems that more and more people have forgotten about the old good bodyweight training workout and are getting fatter and unhealthier.

Unfortunately, a lot of the information is wrong or just so extreme that the average person can’t possibly follow the programs or nutrition advice on a daily basis. We all have lives to lead and most of us don’t make a living as a professional athlete who can do these complicated routines every day.

But don’t worry, there is hope. All you have to do is go back to the basics. Not everything new is better. Sometimes, what was done in the past is more effective, it’s just been forgotten. Below, you are going to find quality, simple to use information on how you can build a lean, strong, fit physique without spending your life in the gym or getting a PhD to figure out how to do the training programs or follow a diet.

Let’s get started!

Simple Bodyweight Workouts for Fat-Burning, Muscle Building and Toning

Bodyweight workout as well as strength training with either free weights or also your own body weight can torch calories and fat for up to 24 hours after your workout is over. Combining strength training with cardiovascular benefits, you maximize the efficiency of your efforts. You get the most rewards with the least amount of time spent exercising.

The following 5 simple bodyweight exercises are great for beginner and advanced fitness levels. When used in a bodyweight circuit training program, they allow you to efficiently burn calories and fat without having to purchase expensive gym memberships or fitness equipment.

Jumping Jacks

You are probably thinking that jumping jacks are very basic and simple. As a part of a bodyweight circuit training program, they use the resistance of your own weight against you, strengthening muscles and elevating your heart rate. They are also an excellent way to warm up, and should usually be placed at the beginning of your circuit.

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One of the best upper body exercises you can perform with just your body weight. Just like all the other bodyweight exercises listed here, they can be performed just about anywhere, at any time, and by anyone. They are convenient, and they quickly build lean muscle mass in your upper body. There are also dozens of variations, perfect for all fitness levels.

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The best exercises to use in a bodyweight training circuit involves several muscle groups. That is why the squat, with or without additional weight, is often considered the best single total body exercise. You stand with your feet shoulder width apart, and lower your body while bending your knees. Push your hips back and slowly drop until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Pause, and return to your starting position.

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They may sound funny, but burpees are a challenging and efficient calorie burning, strength building, total body exercise. Stand as if you are going to perform squats. Drop down to the lower squat position and at your lowest point, reach your hands out in front of you and place them on the floor. Kick your feet backwards and assume a push-up position. Then quickly return to the squat position, and jump up into the air as high as you can.

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Pull-ups, chin-ups

You will probably need to purchase a pull-up bar for this simple but challenging exercise. Multiple products are available inexpensively and conveniently from Internet retail websites. Pull-ups are performed with the palms of your hands facing away, and chin-ups have your palms facing you. Both are performed the same way. Grab the bar roughly shoulder width apart, and slowly pull up. Hold at the top, then slowly descend.


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Pull-ups vs. Chin-ups

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If your goal is to look lean, fit and sexy while also being strong and feeling great, you can get there following the simple advice in this article. Focus on simple (not easy) bodyweight workout and kettlebell training. If you would like to have an easy to follow and very detailed body weight training program, then I recommend that you have a look at at bodyweight burn. Plus go back to basics with your nutrition. If you do this, you’ll be well on the way to the body you’ve always wanted.

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